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China Exports Fake Dental Equipment?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

When will the world figure out that china is only good at autogenocide, misery and deceit.

Check this:
The products, ranging from drills to X-rays, were counterfeit copies of major brands or sub-standard with fake documentation.

Some products appeared to have official safety CE marks, but importers said it meant “Chinese export”.

The regulator said that dentists could be prosecuted if they knowingly bought equipment that put patients at risk.

The items were discovered during an investigation by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is responsible for making sure that dental equipment in the UK meets safety standards.

Among the items seized on arrival in the UK were poorly made dentist power drills and handheld X-ray machines with dangerous wiring.

‘Serious damage’
Danny Lee-Frost, from the MHRA enforcement team, said there was a real risk to patients from equipment that does not meet strict European safety standards.

He said: “We don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to think if you’ve got a high-speed drill, operating at 30,000 revs per minute in close proximity to your teeth, and the end falls off, it’s going to do some pretty serious damage inside your mouth. “
Link http://flip.it/XxByT

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Hacking Huawei Meet Xeroxing Xiaomi, Battle of Chinese Thieves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2014

Move over Hacking Huawei, there is a new thief in town! Say hello to my little Xiaomi.

For those of you who live in civilized countries with real humans, you probably never heard of Xiaomi. So here is a rundown:

From this site we see that Xiaomi is an Apple clone.

The creeper in charge of Xiaomi is named Lei Jun and he is a pathological Apple fan. A few years back he said he was waiting for Jobs to die so Xiaomi could take Apple’s place.




In any event, Xiaomi has come out of nowhere to be a major cellphone company in China. Not surpringly, such firms usually have communist party backing and of course, Xiaomi’s boss is not only a communist but a member of its legislature as well.

One does not have to tax their mind to figure who Lei Jun is backing. But if you are too dumb to figure it out then let me help you. Take a look at the Xiaomi company mascot, a communist soldier-themed rabbit.



If you look closely at the box the commie bunny is in front of you will see that he represents a pilot from 1921, the year the communist party was founded. Lei’s Red cred could hardly be less inconspicuous.

What has governments concerned is why Xiaomi is stealing customer data and shipping it off to Beijing even as we speak. This has been going on for months now and even in light of all the bad press, Xiaomi phines are still stealing.

Excerpt here

China has a company called Xiaomi which has lit up the cell phone industry. Its business model is to sell cheap smart phones with good specs to select groups at a time. Rather than selling vis traditional means, Xiaomi only sells online. Of course they cribbed this from Dell who had some it decades before, but Xiaomi adds a twist. In order to buy a phone one has to preregister. Yeah, you heard me right, and we are not talking iphones here. This Chinese startup has people convinced that their gear is so good that people in China prepaid just to be put on a waiting list to buy one. They now use this model, called ‘Hunger Marketing’ in southeast Asia as well.

The problem is that Xiaomi has only been selling internationally for less than one year and already Singapore, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam are upset about Xiaomi phones and data theft. F Secure proved that the Xiaomi ‘Red’Mi1S was copying the cyber sitters in Beijing on user data, notes, photos and more. Rather than cease and desist, Xiaomi sat on their hands,

This only served to anger those countries more and now Taiwan, Vietnam and India are considering bans of one kind or the other. The article below speaks to the threat that companies such as Xiaomi pose.

Excerpt from here

Informative eight minute video here. The two speakers discuss the dangers of The Indian Airforce using Xiaomi phones. Obviously It is not in India’s best interest to have data of their airforce personnel owned by Xiaomi, a Chinese firm. This danger is compounded by the fact that China has been increasingly pugnacious with all of its neighbors, including India. Aside from this, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, sits on the communist National People’s Congress. It takes little mental math to figure out where his loyalties lay.

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Chinese Electric Death Car Coming to USA-Zotey Banned in China Sold in USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 19, 2011

This fancy ‘auto’ will soon be coming to the USA. It looks so shiny and sparkly and safe. But this pos is made in China  so I really should not need to explain, but still I feel I must. This car is a dangerous piece of shit and if you but it you are a fool.

Ok now let me explain. Not all things made in China suck, after all many multinationals work there and force a level of quality, but this car is made in China by a chinese company so you do the math. More money was probably spent by the ‘execs’ on ktv kooze and bribes in the first few days of its manufacture than in all of the combined R and D of its soon to be ill fated lifespan.

Chinese death electric car


The photo above is what you will see at the dealership but the photo below is the Zotye in its natural habitat…


That is right. This car caught fire in southern China and ALL taxis from this manufacturer are being banned from use in CHINA.

Hmmm if the Chinese are banning it then it must really suck. But rest assured in our ignorance and with a little help from big business who will assure us the Chinese quality is sparkling, then we as a country will buy. And probably we as a country will fry.

But then maybe I am being hasty or cynical. But my recommendation is that if you are considering purchasing one of these stellar feats of Chinese engineering that  you consider buying  this below…





Or maybe not. After all, if you are dumb enough to buy a car made in China then you deserve what you get and its time to ‘thin the herd’ anyway…

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China Sells its HIgh Speed Death to Georgia

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2011

The country of Georgia must see something that your humble author does not. They have placed an order for 40 locomotives- loco as in ‘ you are freaking loco if you are going to buy trains made in China for they are shit and will derail and kill your citizens’.
I guess that their former form of governance has left them as bright as the Chinese and they see nothing wrong with making a purchase of terror trains from China.
(photo from ctv.ca)

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Ax Murderer Strikes in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2011

Post from here:
“(AP) BEIJING – A mentally disturbed man with an ax attacked children and parents walking on a city street in central China on Wednesday, killing six, local officials said.

Three adults and one child died at the scene of the early morning assault on the outskirts of the city of Gongyi, and another child and one other adult later succumbed to their wounds, a city government spokeswoman said, reading from an official statement.”
Continue here

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Breaking the Law,Breaking the Law!! China, Libya and Guns

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2011

China gets dubbed the financier of zealots and outcasts maybe they deserve it an maybe not, but here is a little bit on China’s arms talks with Libya…
from here:
“China denies that any contracts were signed at the July meeting in Beijing and says no weapons were exported to Libya as a result of the meeting. It also says it was unaware at the time that the meeting had taken place…
If Chinese companies did export weapons, it would be a violation of United Nations sanctions put in place earlier this year…

Analyst Richard Fisher at the Washington-based International Assessment and Strategy Center says he was surprised that Beijing admitted the meeting took place and that Chinese defense companies had even considered getting involved in the Libyan civil war. “We rarely, if ever, get even a partial admission of guilt from a Chinese government spokesman. Their first rule is to deny everything and the government spokesman again, after about 24 hours of delay, initially denying, coming out and admitting that there was at least contact with Libyan government officials,” he said.”

Read more here

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China Calls US “Mad”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 9, 2011

China has a problem with that little isalnd to the east of them, not Japan, well that too, but the other one as well. And the US wnats to sell arms to that little island which pisses off China.

From here
“China’s top official newspaper warned on Friday that “madmen” on Capitol Hill who want the United States to sell advanced weapons to Taiwan were playing with fire and could pay a “disastrous price,” as the Obama administration nears a decision on a sale.”

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Shanghai Slasher Kills One Child Wounds 8 More

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 4, 2011

On Monday a woman at a daycare in China attacked a bunch of migrant kids in a school killing one and wounding 8. Last year we saw a spate of attacks on chinese kids at the hands of Chinese 40 somethings, products of the vicious cultural revolution. Is this phenomenon happening again?
The problem is that the kids were ‘migrant’ kids or kids not born in Shanghai so in the eyes of the Chinese they are less than useless. The locals disdain those workers who act as floating laborers and although these people are the backbone of society, they are mocked by the monied.
story here

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India Tells China “Move Over Pussy Wussy”!- U$100 Tablet

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 23, 2011

China is all about making stuff. The stuff they make lacks necessary elements like standards and quality, but it makes up for this defect in price. For the little energy they actually put into making this crap, they ought to give it away. But giving something away is not in the Chinese vocabulary, but putting an elevated unbelievable price tag is. Take for instance, hotels in Beijing. A good five star stay here costs more than an equivalent night in San Francisco WTF?
How does one justify spending 300U$ in a flop house of a hotel that sports air that cannot be breathed, dirty sheets and cold water? Ah but I guess in SF they don’t have hookers calling you up at all hours of the night for a little ‘massage’- WalMart purchasing agents I understand you now.
Aside from hotels and tofu apartments or future disasters, China overcharges for all they can put their sticky mitts upon. They overcharge for non-existent service, fake meat, fake stores, fake books by steve Jobs (TW I believe) and much more.
But now it would appear as if India is taking a stand and waving the sacred musket of victory. India is working on a U$100 tablet. What is cool about it is that
1- its not made in China
2- its cheap
3- it probably works
My question is that if India can do it, or even produce one for U$200, then why can’t China do the same? I reviewed the Eben Eren which is ok, but the thing costs 25% of the cheapest car India makes (US$ 800) is too much to swallow. Considering that China has more people than India and should have a labor cost advantage, wtf do they not make cheaper goods?
I think one day we will see, just as we did with the former USSR, that this place is all smoke and mirrors and that these ‘real costs’ were nothing more than lies typical of this place and we’ll find we’ve been overpaying by a factor of 20 for all of the products we purchase from here…

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Rioting in Guizho China- Cops Allegedly Beat Woman Cabbie

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 12, 2011

China has had some ups and downs this year but mostly downs. The food crises worsened, the DaVinci scandal which proved that over 80% of all imports by Chinese companies are actually made in China. Then there was the fatal crash, the man eating escalator. The elevators who got stuck and walls had to be demolished to rescue the passengers, the bridge collapses and the high death speed train.

There are a few more, but I’ve grown tired of typing, oh yeah, there have also been ‘mass’ incidents which most countries call riots. The most recent ones began yesterday and ran all day. The cops supposedly punched a female taxi driver in the face. Some of you may wonder what she did wrong to deserve that, but this is China a country where the law enforcement were issued a special book on how to torture prisoners and how to beat them without leaving scars. Remember, this is China and inhuman punishment is never pase…
(photos from the internet)

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