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Oh I am so tired…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 2, 2009

Upon entering Beijing, Shanghai, wherever, you are inundated by people uttering these words. In China, much like Japan, one shows loyalty by staying late at work, irrespective of work being done, and by complaining or whining.

The point of the whining, I suppose, is to let the emperor-like figure-head know that you have done your duty, that you hold his interests at heart. In my old company in China, I saw people literally sleeping at work and blaming their constant state of exhaustion on their work environment. Funny thing is that they are not working that hard! Yes they work, and my current company is like most you would find in the USA, but in general, they use the ruse of being so inundated with work to offset their net surfing, msn’ing etc.

It’s not really an old trick, in the states we use it as well. Be the first to arrive the last to leave and all, but here it takes on an added dimension, people sleeping standing up on the subway and the like. I have now started to emulate them, figure if I dont I will be seen as a slacker, I have to end this blog now, I am sooooo tired.

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