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Wanna get Married…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 5, 2009

Lets get married…

In 2008 I grew accustomed to them, long lines of maybe 10 or 15 cars, all identical driving towards the city. Usually they were expensive cars, BMW’s, Mercedes and the like, exact same brand, model, color, moving like a presidential motorcade.

Weddings, that is right, what I was witnessing was an interesting cultural phenomenon, that even the government was pushing- group weddings. I do not lie, can you imagine it? Ten to 15 couples, many of whom did not know one another would do a group wedding, to save costs, to economize, call it what you like, all of them together taking the lifetime vows to love obey and honor. And I am not talking about poor folk, those motorcades were for newlyweds going to or returning from weddings, many of them part of china’s nouveau- riche, people dropping U$ 20,000 on this moment.

I saw photos, considered it odd, not very intimate. I guess the government and the people really wanted to capitalize on the 2008 fame from the olympics, and being a mysterious and superstitious sort, they capitalized on it. The tv praised them, the people watched, not knowing what to think. Not being an expert in such things, it to me appeared in a word- cheesy, just didnt seem right. Hell, I dont even like group photos at amusement parks, let alone on this special day. To me it would seem to be a time for intimacy, or at least a time with your family. I have not seen it much as of late, maybe the craze has slowed down.

Hopefully that was just a fad, as was marrying in Mcdonalds or at least holding the reception in one (yes this did happen when it first came, especially in the Guangzhou area). Imagine that, wedding photos from Micky D’s, or wedding photos that need to be mounted on a wall due to their size. How do you explain to your guests that yes there is your wedding photo, but actually you are the couple 7th from the left, yes you assure them, that was you…

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