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Sunset, Korea style…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2009

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Four eyes…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2009

“Hey double eyes”. In China it is actually a good thing. See, the Chinese, as do all Asians,  have more fat in their upper eyelids giving them a puffy look. In pursuit of a more international look they go to any length to get that ‘double eyed’ look that we have.  Actually there is a boom across Asia, especially Korea to obtain the elusive double eyes check out the link here.

Yeah, while American and Brazilians are looking to enhance their breasts or rears, Asia is cutting those eyelids. Actually the first time I saw one of these devices I was spooked, but as they say live and learn, now when I see it, I just understand…

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Get Out You Foreigner!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 11, 2009

I read a great post on http://www.chinalawblog.com about the Chinese government’s policy on FDI, and then on its treatment of foreigners in general. I will condense the information, but basically there were two posts, one said that the PRC is not as friendly toward foreign investment in light of its recent economic success. The second post talked about foreigners (mostly running illegal businesses, having problems now).

This resonates with me as I witnessed the same thing when I first arrived. I was here during the 2008 Olympics and it seemed as if obtaining a visa was next to impossible for those who had been working in China for any length of time, it was as if they got rid of the ‘old hands’ probably the ones who were most beneficial to the country at that point. I was lucky as my visa expired in November and obtaining a new one was easy.  The general themes I see are: before a big event-olympics, world trade show, the government seems to get nervous or hyper controlling on the foreigners in the country. There seems to be a slight sense of nationalism that goes beyond pride, (much like in Korea) that foreigners are no longer of use, as if their economic boom has given them a spurt of confidence.

Below are some posts regarding this phenomenon, and be it understood that the post is talking about foreigners working on tourist visas and the like:

Here is a post whereby someone stated the removing of foreigners was actually religiously motivated.


This is the first I have heard of the missionary angle. I think the motivation is to please its citizenry and what better/easier way to do so than to kick out a foreigner who is in the country illegally and effectively turn over that foreigner’s business to the Chinese employees? Countries have always been tempted to nationalize foreign industries and what China is doing is along those lines, though still completely above reproach.


Great question and I don’t know, but I suspect it is not the tax people, who seem more concerned with getting money than with kicking people out. I really believe this is coming from the local governments who view the kicking out of illegal foreigners as a great way to make their populace happy. It’s the equivalent of the US politician bad-mouthing China and illegal aliens from Mexico.

To me, these two seem to fit in with the business climate here, there is a sense of nationalism and desire to free from foreign oppression, maybe it was the 60th anniversary.

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