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Youtube- Where for Art Thou

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 12, 2009

Quick rant. Ok, so the government blocks social networking sites as they don’t want people to use them to riot… sounds weak but their house their rules. But Youtube…wtf… I mean what, are a bunch of Uy*ghur people going to use YouTube to incite a rebellion (that was the party line on the reason for pulling social networking sites- as in not Chinese ones).

I actually think this is nothing more than protectionism. Yeah,the Chinese government can make baidu pull off any offensive information about tian**men or Ti**t, or anything for that matter, but they claim Google is slow to do so. Well, what about YouTube? Think, right now in China each year they need 10million jobs just for the recent college grads- that is a lot of new jobs. In addition, while they are not innovating at a rapid pace, they are merely following, which actually inhibits them in big bang sites like youtube or google. Thus, it would appear that the blocking of these sites would serve to force the locals to utilize home-grown (copycat) sites of arguably inferior quality all under the auspices of protecting the masses.

whew, glad to get that off my chest… but still loving Beijing

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