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Tiananmen Area

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2009

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Thems Fighting Words- Lack of Transparency in Chinese Procurment Policy?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2009

From, you guessed it, the China daily- Here is an article about regulations on selling computers to the Chinese government ( an U$87 billion ) market. Basically the Chinese calling for fair and equal treatment to all who wish to sell pc’s to the government.

Fair and equal, hmm- well lets just see…

-The products must have ‘Chinese indigenous innovation’

comment- part of this ‘made in china’ kick, presumably.(see here)

-“There is particular concern regarding the lack of transparency in the drafting process of this accreditation system,

comment-When one enters China they can make this statement, is this a shocker, also it may be due to famous fake national brands- (see rant here)

-as well as the impossibly short application period,” the letter said. The deadline for filing an application for accreditation was Dec 10 – less than a month after the rule was posted on the science and technology ministry’s website.

comment- quit yer bitching, they only have 30 days to  develop some home-grown technology solution,  and then register it in an impossibly arcane and confusing regulatory system rife with corruption and they can’t do this in only 30 days- get with it you pansies!

The next headline by the China Daily will be “China leader in information Technology”- a farce extolling the wonderful ‘made in china’ label all due to protectionist measures- things are heating up.

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Mama ga Bee- Chinese Taxi Ebonics

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 16, 2009

Yeah, what she said sounded like “mama ga bee” I don’t really know how to spell it in pinyin but know what it means. What had happened was that I was taking an illegal taxi to work and the lady was the driver (these are the little moto taxis that are illegal, but as plentiful as bikers here).

The lady was basically shouting expletives as we set off on my 1.2 mile drive to the subway, in English it would be something like this.

“Ni hao”- me hello

“Ni hao” – her ditto

then she erupts into what would be translated as. “Ahhh thif F***ng traffic, look at the d**N cars. What the f**K is wrong with this place. D** S**T, H*ll, Sh**ty H*ll D**MN, F**K, P*ss. ”  Something like that. She wasnt being rude, it was just her taxi ebonics, her vernacular as it were, her way to greet the day.She doesnt really get angry when she speaks, just commenting, nothing more, kind of like a dock yard poetess I think.

I have used her before and language aside, find her actually to be quite charming. She is about 4’11’, orange faced, has a lump of hair that looks like several cats  fought for its possession then gave up on the idea, teeth, several, but not many, and two big squinty eyeballs which she casts on you with utter candor.

In reality her taxi skills are pretty good, I think the women tend to be a little more careful, but this one rips along. I’ll use her again, after all, she is good and merely consider her not so gentle words a taste of local flavor.

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