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American Breakfast

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2009

Blogging from Steak and Eggs, a kick ass American style restaurant that has the exact taste as we have back home.  The owner’s name is Paul- good guy and the food taste likes any little eatery back home. Actually the experience is just like back home, except for the Chinese family looking to practice their English, more on this below.

But first I say it is like back home as I have my coffee, coke, eggs ham and bacon- coupled with my vile morning mood. Listening to two old guys, or one of them. Always like that, one goes on and on, opines about everything and nothing, and the other takes it all in ( I just blog). Anyway, I am using him as a surrogate news agency to wit just learned:

-S. Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world-world cup will be there next year,- yeah couple murder rate with AIDS and sounds like a grand place for international event

-many companies didn’t survive the recession in same state, Pontiac, Saturn, Circuit City(if it is bad info blame the old pedophile looking dude, it came from him)

-Learned that he doesn’t care much for the current administration- he was guarded in this

-Learned that I miss America, the freedom of expression, the passion.

Now re- the Chinese couple. Yeah, the Chinese have this odd social security system,it is called children. No shit, the kids ALL OF THEM- are expected/required to give their parents around 20% of their salaries! See, this rising dragon has no social security per se and thus the responsibility falls on the kids. The folks prepare them and then send them off, tell them that the kids owe their folks, after all, they brought them into the world.

Parents without kids are screwed, after 60 they retire, get no cash from the government- it is sad. But maybe more sad is to watch the kids or listen to them. I teach at the uni here and the kids seem resentful, they say they are basically forced to give their folks cash and feel they have lost freedom.

I get the sense that they feel a lack of love, as if they were born with ulterior motives in mind. This could be due to the generation their parents were born had little money, thus having a child ensured that their golden years wouldn’t turn into ‘Kibbles and Bits and Meow Mix” futures.

I really feel for a society that treats kids like this. Go to anywhere in Latin America were kids are cherished, look at their happiness, then look at the kids around me.

they just back, have 2 kids,, looking to make fiend, not out of fun or love but with a goal, get kids good job so they can send money back, they all do it, really gives different perspective of kids and parenting. But I digressed, so back to the couple. The couple is speaking pigeon English/Chinglish and doing so in a loud manner. After you have been here a while you will understand. What they are looking for are ‘friends’, better said  foreigner friends. See, they speak some English and want the same for their kids-sounds reasonable right? But it is really polluted in light of the above. In the west, it seems that we do things for the love of it, maybe I am naive, but I think most people do not have ulterior motives (other than pleasure etc) when we do things. But here, they don’t make a move (obviously not all of them but I am talking 68% here), if they will not gain something.  It is like life to them is a big Go/Weiqi board. Nothing is free, not even freedom, every move calculated to get some result. Thus, these people wish to make friends, maybe we can all have tea, not really care about us/me, just want an English-speaking environment…. I feel so violated…….

So I guess I will just blog and observe…

Beijing taxis are the best…

ps. score, a large American family just arrived, so this Chinese family may have just avoided the cost of English lessons, now if they can only get close to the Americans and ‘be friends’.

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