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Monster Bike- The Asphalter blingin blanger

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

Just kidding, see blog below. This bike deserves its own planet!

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Monster Bike- Not found in China, yet…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

Just came across a cool site www.gizmag.com here and they showcase some ass kicking German motorcyle called the AsphaltFighter Stormbringer 280 or something, pictured below. This thing costs 87,000 U$ or will cost that much. And has about as much power as your typical passenger jet. Check out the specs:
horsepower- shitloads, like a zillion Clydesdale
0-60 time- nanoseconds
coolness factor- immeasurable

Link here

Really, this is not a China blog, but just a shout out to these guys for building one of the coolest bikes ever.

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New Years Resolution’s for China!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

Because I am in China and I care, I have decided to help them make a list of New Year’s resolutions. I know that to them this  is not the real new year, thus it is even more important to give them some help. Here is my list

10-not make toys/medicine with lead

9-make medicine that really contains  medicine, not fakes

8-lift blocks on all good websites

7-not sell people’s organs

6-transparency in all activities

5-not cheating on college entrance tests

4-lower pollution to such a rate that one cannot taste it

3-build buildings that remain vertical (and dont fall down)

2-stop hukou


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Censorhip in China- Blocking Websites to Make a Safer China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

A novel way to create jobs, protectionism, or just plain evil dictatorship? (article here)

The article mentioned addresses the issue that the Chinese government may/could require internet websites to register with them so as to not be excluded by the ‘great firewall of China’. Basically this means that sites would have to prostrate themselves to the government, negotiate the turns and twists of the PRC governmental machine, only to be accepted and included in searches in China. WTF??

1- is this a way to create jobs? Could be, the article states that there are over 113 million web domains just in the .com, .net etc sphere. The article states it would be a daunting task to catalog all of those names then register them. Not really, China has 1.3 billion people, so just give a domain to half of them, problem solved!

2-is it a way to make money. Hm, lets see, by blocking all of those evil foreign sites (youtube, twitter, some blog sites)- from their links to porn nonetheless, China unwittingly is bolstering its indigenous sites and revenues. (for example, although youtube is a world leader in video search, in China many have not ever heard of it, but choose to use youkou- a site that sounds freakishly similar, and no doubt will and does enjoy a high level of brand recognition which increases daily. )

3-is it just plain evil dictatorship. In this authors opinion (jaded?), blocking of information is prima facie evidence of evil or oppression…

So what is the result of all this? Just another facet of the China cost and living/doing business in the PRC.

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Somewhere in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

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Way to Go China- On Falsifying Data

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 29, 2009

Just read an interesting piece about how China is getting tough on fraud- or at least in erroneous statistical reporting (here). Basically the problem is that China has a different idea of morals, values and the truth in terms of reporting, test taking and the like. To them, the end usually justifies the means, which means that they justify in telling little white lies by the fact that it is for a good cause.

Thus the reason for the post. I have posted before that all of China’s provinces report a GDP that is higher than the average of the  GDP for the country. Confused, you should be- statistically speaking, an average is like the following:

2, 4, 6     in this data set the average is 4, you can see that one number lies below and one above, but the average remains 4.

2, 6, 100 in this data set the average is 69,33, although this number never appears, it is the sum of the numbers divided by three.

But in China…

Apparently Chinese statistics go something like this:

2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 8 , 9 by Chinese standards the average is 9.4

By our standards the average would be 5, but I guess after so many thousands of years of history, the Chinese just feel they will do it any damn way they please.

But the government and the people who watch these things are pissed. they feel that falsifying numbers is bad, poor decorum, or just plain shitty. So, these bodies question the numbers.

So, the Chinese government takes the bull by the horns, see same article. listen to what lengths the PRC government will go to ensure truth in reporting.

“There is no doubt that China has made tremendous progress…In fact, as early as 1984 China enacted the National Statistics Law…revised in …2009. The law explicitly requires that organizations and individuals “provide truthful statistical data.”

-comment, in what type of country does this have to be spelt out, and then revised, also, if it need be spelt out, did it take them thousands of years to realize that truthful data is essential and thus wait till 1984 to do so?

But, they didnt stop there, the government is willing to go to great lengths to ensure  their demands are met.

“Further, the law stipulates that altering statistical data without authorization”

-comment, so falsifying is ok, as long as the government says so, world leader- I am doubting that

“fabricating statistical data, or compelling or prompting statistics institutions or statisticians to tamper with or fabricate statistical data are violations subject to criticism and administrative sanctions, or even crimes subject to legal consequences.”

comment-ok, we are talking about a country that sells fake medicine, meds with NO medicine in them, poisonous milk, and the body who enacted this law thinks that  a ‘stern talking to’ or even the dreaded criticism will stop this phenomenon- Indeed!

The real problem is that the provincial leaders are promoted based upon the GDP growth of their areas. As long as this is the standard, and China has the transparency equivalent of Mr. Magoo’s eyesight, the short and medium prognosis for any real change is weak at best.

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