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FedEx China Style- China Postal Workers Bullying the Mail

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 18, 2010

No, this is not a mugging, nor the ‘goons’ from the torch, it is just the Chinese version of FedEx getting ready to ship some goods. Actually their service is quite good.

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China Fact One Child Policy- No sisters for Little Yang

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 18, 2010

China does have the ‘one child policy’ whereby each family is allowed only one child. But…
1-if both parents have no brothers nor sisters, then they can have a spare child
2-one can usually pay for the hukou, of a child, thus making it legitimate
3-one can have as many kids as one wants, they just wont have hukou, and thus legitimacy
4-one can be a descendant of Chairman Mao ( his grandson has a couple kids)
5-one can be an ethnic minority-they have no limits
6-one can come from far away provinces, China being a federalsitic society where each province often amends the law as it sees fit- thus some provinces allow spare children to be born if the first is a girl etc.

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No Show of Peace?- No Lady Gaga in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 18, 2010

Hey have you heard? Lady Gaga, Jimmy Page, Michael Jackson’s skeleton, maybe even Elvis will be performing at the Beijing Show of Peace… Wait, breaking, news, what? Lady Gaga has not heard of it, she’ll be in Japan, no Jimmy page-wtf.

Funny, this actually seems like a good marketing gimmick. This thing called Show for Peace was supposed to be a free concert in Beijing featuring Lady Gaga, Jimmy Page and others. Now that the hype has taken over it seems that none of those mentioned will be coming.

Well at least they built the hype.

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