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More Snow, China- Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

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China Scolds USA- Save Your Money!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

Lately the Chinese have been dogging the US for not saving money- they actually save 30 to 50% of their wages, whereas we save 1%. They are particularly pissed about all of the US debt they are holding. Funny thing is that when the government tried to dump some, the blogosphere was filled with warnings that they shouldn’t do anything rash. I think they just like to bitch…

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Nanlishulu Street

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

This street is near the military area of Beijing. You don’t find many foreigners there, but tons of military intelligence types and officials.It is about 2.5 miles directly west of Tian an men.

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China Gay is The Way!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

Ini China Duan Xiu Zhi Pi- pronounced DWAN Show JER PEE- gay lifestlyes or boy love were accepted historically. I was surprised, I thought that Mao had killed off gay lifestyles and the emperors were real men, well apparently they like real men… see the article below:

"As for China, it had a rich tradition of male homoerotic literature, with accompanying candid artwork. Emperors, nobility, civil servants and peasants all embraced same sex love, especially in cases of exemplary spousal fidelity between partners and otherwise virtuous ethical conduct. Taoism and Chinese Buddhism didn’t concern themselves about regulating gay sex, and while Confucianism was puritanical and family oriented, it was only intermittently so.

When the last Manchu Emperor was deposed in 1912, China descended into anarchy as powerful regional warlords struggled for control. However, Shanghai and other eastern Chinese coastal cities developed thriving gay subcultures. Japan and the United States came to blows over the colonial and territorial ambitions of each, leading to the Pacific theatre of the Second World War.

Spider Lillies: A lesbian-themed Chinese film

When that conflict ended with Japan’s defeat, China had to endure four more years of civil war between the conservative nationalist Kuomintang and Mao Tse-Tung’s communists, ending in victory for the latter in 1948. Maoist marxist-leninism was strongly agrarian, and while male homosexuality and lesbianism were not criminalised, they were considered ‘bourgeois decadent’ or lumpen acts, and led to imprisonment within ‘re-education camps.’ Metropolitan gay and other intellectuals suffered during Mao’s disastrous "Cultural Revolution" of the sixties, due to its anti-urban and anti-intellectual bias.

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Chicoms Getting Froggy!- Thinking of Opening a can of Whup ASS!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

China is still somewhat pompous- the government not the people, about her supposed new role in the world order. The news is more acrimonious, calls the US ouit on spending and is quite critical. Now it seems as if the military wants to get involved- looks like its time for a smackdown.
Not to make light of it, but it is true, since coming here in ’08, they are a little more gamey and negative towards the west- maybe it is all the propaganda they pump out. In addition, Obama has pissed them off by visiting the Dali and selling arms to Taiwan…

Article excerpt:

A growing number of senior officers in the different branches of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are becoming outspoken. But why they have chosen now to raise their voices is subject to debate.

Following the recent decision by the United States to sell arms to Taiwan, three senior PLA officers from China’s National Defense University and Academy of Military Sciences – Major General Zhu Chenghu, Major General Luo Yuan and Senior Colonel Ke Chunqiao – told Xinhua News Agency that China should be selling off US debt, and that China needed to increase defense spending and expand its deployments of military forces.
Yin Zhou has also called for China to build a naval base in the Middle East, which prompted China’s Ministry of Defense to respond that, "China has no plans for an overseas naval base." [3]
A new book by PLA Air Force (PLAAF) Colonel Dai Xu also paints a very dark picture of the future. "China cannot escape the calamity of war, and this calamity may come in the not-too-distant future, at most in 10 to 20 years," writes Dai Xu, according to Reuters. "If the US can light a fire in China’s backyard, we can also light a fire in their backyard." [4]

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Snowy Beijing on BaisiwanLu

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

This is in the CBD or central business district. Took the shot early this morning.

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China Fact- China says to Canada YOU SUCK!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

In China’s important governmental meetings (a one yearly skull session to plot the next year for China) they broached the subject of the ’10 Olympics of all things. The Chinese decided to rail on a Canadian athlete who had the gall to win a medal and not give thanks to his country in the post event interview…wtf??

Firstly, is this really all they have to talk about,
Secondly , talk about brainwashing

They are telling their citizens they must pay homage to the country first and foremost. The funny thing is that many of the netizens say "Up Yours Chicom!’ in hte comments section of that post, the netizens basically told the government that they are proud, but dont need to proclaim it, although most do.

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China’s Credibility Crisis

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

China is trying hard, but her credibility is waning. She signed all of the agreements ie. intellectual property protection, WTO rules and such, but to one who lives here it is a farce.

There are two concepts , rule of man and rule by man. In rule of man, laws are predictable and fair to all- whatever that means. Rule by man, means the opposite.

I had the pleasure to be in Beijing for the ’08 Olympics and a great thing happened- China decided to obey its laws. All of the vendors hawking illegal DVD copies were removed from the streets, all of the illegal street vendors as well, even the houses of ill-repute which line the streets not 3 miles from the capital were closed down.

That all lasted about 2 months, or just enough time for the foreigners to leave, and now its back to business as usual.

Will they ever get it right?

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Happy Eaters- The Skinny on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

Chinese, when you get to know them, are a pretty gregarious bunch. When you eat lunch with them, your ears are filled with the sound of chatter, clinking of glasses and slapping of chopsticks. They always eat in packs, and it is quite pleasant. The noise level is what you would expect to hear at a TGI Fridays on a weekend. With only family, they tend to be more researved, however.

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China Fact- Lots of Laws

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2010

In the 20th century alone, China has seen twelve constitutions, eight of which were between 1908 and 1954.

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