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Beijing Traffic Jam

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

Southbound on Dawanglu, crazy traffic.

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China Fact- Beijing Time

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

China is as big as the continental US, but only has one time zone. the time of Beijing. This can be problematic for the western most provinces like Tibet and Xinjiang, who are really 4 time zones away. So when it is 6am here, it should be only 2am there. They have some late sunrises and sunsets.  It also does not have daylight savings time.

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Chicom Crooks Calls the People- SOE’s get all the love

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

This is crazy. I just blogged about how the government says they will create more democratic laws etc- I had my doubts, just dont really trust the Chinese government seen them caught in too many untruths.Remember that 91 % of all Chinese multi-millionaires  are family members of governmental officials- read as part of corruption.

And now we know one of their little tricks. We find out how the politicians are getting so rich, showing that in reality there are no changes for the better in China. From the China Daily, it says that while  State owned enterprises (SOE’s) employ a mere 8% of the people, they recieve over 85% of all Chinese bank loans – Over 1 trillion U$ or about 25% of the country’s GDP.

So what you ask? Well, SOE’s are the stomping grounds of ex-Chinese military and government officials or their families. When one leaves the service of the government, they walk into a cush job with a SOE, and work with family members. Still sounds kosher right?

So, SOE’s are actaully like big mafia families. An  SOE needs a loan, it goes to the bank, the SOE has no real collateral, but it is part of the government so it gets the loan. The SOE is actually bleeding cash, as it is supporting pet projects of some ex-military official who has personally benefited vis a vis bribes.

For example, there was a project in Chongqing and a bridge was to be made. A SOE was selected, and paid. The problem was that it was only half completed when the funds ran out. The take of the politicians was so large that the bridge was left undone.

This happens all over China, millions dedicated to projects are funneled to crooked politicians, and much of that cash comes via loans. China has a shitload of of bad debt on its hands, but the government is skilled at hiding it. Mark my words, the crash we experienced will not compare that the crash that is coming to China.

For a good read check out, Will Hutton, The Writing on the Wall, China and the 21st century, he goes into this in some detail

excerpt China Daily:

China’s private entrepreneurs and companies, absorbing an absolute majority of 85 percent of the workforce, have shouldered heavier taxes than State-owned enterprises (SOEs), which employ only 8.2 percent of the workforce, said a deputy to the legislature in Beijing, the Dayoo.com reported on Wednesday.

Adding to the imparity is the lopsided bank loans. Eighty-five percent of the country’s staggering 9.59 trillion yuan ($1.4 trillion) bank loans in 2009 were granted to SOEs, leaving others more vulnerable in the economic recovery, said Li Yongzhong, a National People’s Congress (NPC) deputy and Supervisory Committee Chairman of Guangdong Zhongren Construction Group.

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Crazy Traffic in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

Crazy Traffic in Beijing- Wait Till they buy more cars

This is a cool area. Up on the left hand side is Dawanglu SOHO, and off tot the right, a little market. The place is crawling with cars lately.

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Its Official- Chinese Children are Going Crazy- Mental Health Declining in Chinese Youth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

From the China Daily:
This states that the mental health of China’s youth is on the decline. No shit, is this a real shocker? What do you expect from kids who are not allowed to have a sibling due to decades of piss poor planning, lack of natural resources, a government that is bilking them of hundreds of billions, and then a family who is forcing them to study, all in the name of taking care of dear old dad…..

BEIJING: The mental health of China’s youngsters is on the decline, with 60 percent of college students feeling isolated and 80 percent feeling social injustice, a survey has suggested.

Those feelings find their expression through irregular behavior, skipping classes, autism and rebellion, and have also led to psychological problems like Internet addiction and suicide, according to a recent survey released by the China Population Communication Center.

"The current crisis of personality makes me wonder whether we have failed to build up our young people in the country?" said Pan Guiyu, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee.

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World to China- Will you really follow the law?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

Remember that China has said they will follow the rule of law more closely (which is antithecal to Communism) This is from a guy named Lubman, who has studied China for a while, has to say.

“We cannot know now how deeply Chinese law in the future will bear the imprint of pre-Communist China’s legal culture and the Maoist institutions and practices of the current Party-state that still exert strong influence. In particular, we cannot know the future trajectory of the rule of the CCP. One scholar has suggested that for the Chinese leadership to subject themselves to the rule of law they would have to “abandon beliefs, values, expectations and habits that have endured in China for over a millennium. In other words, they would have to abandon culture as well as self-interest

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Bow to Me!!- Old Practicing Age Old Art

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

This photo is from the China Daily. I guess this woman was told that she must bow before the modern emperors who are guiding China- just like they used to do in the past. Thing is, the old woman has a rare affliction, stiff legs, and maybe cant bend. But as you can see, the Chicoms have resolved the issue- she was forced to undergo years of ‘ge the evil out of your legs classes’. Now Ms. xokkuiius,xzxxxjdn, is able to maintain a permanent state of prostration or submission which will allow her to meet governmental officials at will.

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Military Training for Chinese Miss Etiquettes- Charm School Chinese Style

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

I really love China! Check this out, for the upcoming worlds farce in Shanghai, they are teaching miss etiquettes- I guess the normal Chinese does not posses enough in their opinion. But anyway, the idea is to teach etiquette, so what are the stages? Why military training of course, after all, shouldn’t all woman representing your country receiving it as well?

from China Daily

HANGZHOU: Nearly 300 Miss Etiquettes began a 2-month training course Monday in east China’s Zhejiang Province, preparing them for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

The 2-month training includes three stages, namely military training, etiquette training and real time practices, with the first and the third practices held in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang, and the second held in Shanghai, Sun said.

“The purpose of the training is to prepare the Miss Etiquettes in knowledge, etiquette and ability so that they can properly and fully represent China,” Sun said.

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Chicom says Fck! English- China will not be Pure in a Few Years

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

See below, basically this guy is bitching about using English words in common parlance. I guess he should just wake up, its a global village, they sell us products laced with lead, and we make them say or better yet, it is chic to say words such as ok etc. Actually this is big in Taiwanese TV, they mix in English quite a bit.


BEIJING: With more and more publications mixing Chinese with English, measures and regulations should be adopted to avoid English invading Chinese, suggested Huang Youyi, director of the China International Publishing Group.
“If we don’t pay attention and don’t take measures to stop the expansion of mingling Chinese and English, Chinese won’t be a pure language in a couple of years,” said Huang, who is also a member of the CPPCC National Committee and secretary-general of the Translators’ Association of China.

Highlighting the danger of Chinese culture becoming diluted and assimilated if the process continues, he warned: “In the long run, Chinese will lose its role as an independent linguistic system for passing on information and expressing human feelings.”
Huang was referring to a popular phenomenon in China, in which English words are interwoven in articles and conversations.

For example, abbreviations such as GDP (gross domestic product), CEO (chief executive officer), CPI (consumer price index) regularly feature in publications.

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Foreigners Receive More Compensation due to Death in China- Chinese Pissed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2010

This is actually a good thing. In China, if one is killed, the amount of remuneration received is in line with what his earnings are. For instance, a guy like Rodney King, remember him, dude with heroin
habit and rap sheet a mile long, he would receive maybe 100 U$ what he would make if he ever worked an real job. Whereas anyone else, lets say a postal worker for example, would receive money in line with what he would be expected to earn in his lifetime- lets say U$500,000.
China utilizes this system, a villager dies, the family gets maybe 10,000, an office worker, 250,000, basically it keeps the family financially whole. But apparently China is pissed as foreigners get more due to accidental death than local Chinese do:

from chinasmack.com
“Recently, the Shenzhou branch of The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China entrusted a lawyer to petition Hengyang City Immediate People’s Court in Hunan Province, demanding further hearing regarding a mistaken verdict by the aforementioned company in dealing with compensation issues in a traffic accident. As a result, this quiet incident of the “domestic car accident, whether foreigners and countrymen have the same value,” caused waves of heated debates.

Death of Singaporean national in an car accident, the family demand compensation of 4 million yuan.”
Is more than 10 Chinese would receive…

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