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China Starts New Red Guard- Big Brother in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 20, 2010

The China daily reports that in the province of Yunan, special ‘snitches’-their word, will be appointed to spy on students and inform others of their wanton ways. This is nothing unusual for China. During the cultural revolution, they had the red guard, which were Mao’s self appointed protectors. They did the same thing, sort of, they made sure that Mao’s word was upheld and that no one crossed him. The result was that the guard ended up killing and terrorizing hundreds of thousands of teachers, monied, and educated, basically and those who had ‘capitalist ways’ . Although the red guard focused on beating and ‘re-educating those older than them, this group seems to be focusin on their peers… for now. In China power always changes hands due to revolution, so I find this sort of thing dicey.

Modern Red Guard? Now

KUNMING – Schools in the capital of Yunnan province must appoint a handful of their students to monitor schoolmates and report any prohibited behavior in and out of school, Kunming’s education and public security bureaus have stated.

Head teachers of elementary, junior high and senior high schools will have to select two or three of the “snitches” to report cases of violence, Internet pornography use and other undesirable behavior to boost students’ safety, the latest joint notice by the bureaus stated.

Students aged between 12 and 17 who are found to have committed these offenses will be sent to boarding schools for lessons on the law, it said.

The notice follows a case of school violence on Nov 23 last year, when 11 boys at the No 1 Middle School of Kunming’s Guandu district filmed their beating of a girl before sharing the video with other students.

Red Guards over 30 years ago…

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