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More on Rabies- Chinese Company Admits Vaccine was Watered Down

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

Pretty shocking actually, this company basically sold watered down vaccines.

“A pharmaceutical company in East China’s Jiangsu province admitted on Thursday that their substandard rabies vaccines might expose unwitting patients to the hazards of bogus immunizations, Xinhua News Agency reported. Media reports also confirmed that at least 8,600 shots of the shabby vaccine have already been used in eastern Jiangxi province alone, and more than 20,000 doses have been distributed in neighboring Guangzhou, resulting in at least five cases of adverse reactions.

Liu Wu, president of Jiangsu Ealong Biotech Co. also known as Jiangsu Yanshen, told Xinhua that four batches of their rabies vaccines produced in 2008 fell short of the national criteria and were too diluted to produce the desired immunity.

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Chinese Poor Forced to Dig Wells for Water

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

This is from the drought ravaged Southwest in China. These poor farmers make about 80U$ per month and are forced to dig wells for water. Their doesnt seem to be too much governmental support.

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Tons of Toxic Veggies Found in SW China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

“NANNING – A total of 9,610 kg of toxic vegetables were found in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, the Nanning health bureau announced on Monday.

Two batches of vegetables were detected with excessive pesticide residues at a local vegetable wholesale market, according to a statement published on the Nanning government’s official website.

Of the 9,610 kg of toxic vegetables, Nanning food safety authorities seized 3,540 kg, while 4,451.5 kg were sold to vegetable dealers outside Nanning and 1,618.5 kg had entered the city’s local market, the government said.

Since Monday, more than 100 vegetable safety inspectors in Nanning have been urged to conduct emergency checks in the city’s markets to look for tainted vegetables, said Tang Bowen, director of Nanning agriculture bureau.

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Bums Rush in China- Chinese Poor

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

These guys are poor, even by Chinese standards. I saw them loitering by a nice shopping mall, The guard saw them and told them to scram.

So they picked up their shit and marched off like little runaway hobos. They marched about 15 yards to the bus stop…

Then, they just said fck it, dropped their stuff and waited. They were at a decent bus stop, but they are never going to use it, they seemed to be deciding what to do next. To stay in Beijing or go home.  I guess they must be pissed, maybe havent gotten paid by some unscrupulous boss and said the heck with it, and will go home.

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Sleeper Train in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

From cnreviews.com/life/news-issues/good-bad-ugly-…

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China Daily Reports “Dumping Fetuses is Due to Local Customs!”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

This is horrific and pretty grisly, and actauly says a lot about China, their culture and how they value human lives. A day ago, around 21 baby bodies and fetuses were found dumped under a bridge. Some of the fetuses still had tags on the little toes from the hospital from whence they had come. The babies were just dumped like waste and some Chinese were outraged. The chinadaily followed up on the report with the following: pretty barbaric imho….

the headline from the chinadaily reads

Dumping of baby bodies due to local customs: Experts

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-04-01 07:30

INAN – The dumping of 21 baby bodies and fetuses in a river in East China’s Shandong province was due to old local customs and a lack of regulation, experts said. In some parts of China, especially in poor rural areas, parents are reluctant to take babies’ bodies home for a funeral. They would rather dump the body in a corner of the hospital or pay someone to bury the baby, said Ma Guanghai, deputy dean of Shandong University’s school of philosophy and social development.

According to regulations, if a body is recovered from a hospital corner, hospital officials should register the identification of the dead baby, report the case to the public security bureau and then arrange for the baby’s body to be cremated.

Eight of the 21 bodies had tabs with clinic code numbers attached to their feet. The tabs showed the bodies were from the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University.

Mortuary workers Zhu Zhenyu and Wang Zhijun have been sacked by the hospital and detained by police for allegedly reaching verbal agreements with the relatives of the dead babies to dispose of the bodies for a fee, Gong Zhenhua, a city government spokesman, said on Tuesday.

“They subsequently secretly transported the bodies to the Guangfu River, but they failed to bury the bodies completely,” he said.

“There should be regulations for dealing with infants’ bodies and dead fetuses that comply with both the law and folk customs,” he said. “Otherwise, there will always be loopholes for hospital management.”

Xinhua – China Daily

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How to Be an Official in China- Straight from The Horses Mouth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

This comes from foolsmountain.com, it is a good site, has good info,. Anyway, this supposedly a letter from a corrupt Chinese Communist (redundant) Official to his son.

“Nine years ago, the director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction, Xu Qiyao (徐其耀), was arrested  for taking bribes of over 20 million yuan. He also distinguished  himself among other corrupted officials by having extramarital affairs with 146 women,  including a mother and her daughter. Recently, a letter to his son, allegedly found in his diary during the investigation, is circulating on the internet.  In that letter, he demonstrated his theoretic superiority in the application of “thick face, black heart.”

Here is a translation for your enlightenment.

Dear son,

I received your letter. I am really proud of your achievement in the university. Keep it up!

As you have chosen to join politics, you must bear in mind the following advice:

1. Don’t seek truth, and don’t search for the essence of things.

Leave these tasks to intellectuals. The credo you have to firmly keep in mind: “as long as it is advantageous to oneself, it is correct.” If you have difficulty to grasp this, then follow this simplified principle: “whatever the higher-ups promoting is correct.”

2. Not only you have to be a liar, but also you have to be a virtuoso liar.

You should build a habit of telling lies. No, actually you should treat it as a mission with the goal that you are able to believe your own lies. Prostitution and politicians are very similar professions. The difference is that being an official is to sell one’s mouth. Remember, your mouth does not belong to you anymore once you become an official. You have to say according to what you need, not what you think.

3. Get diplomas, but not knowledge, which is detrimental to your career.

With knowledge you will be able to think independently, and independent thinking is the death knell in politics. Do not be fooled that there are so many officials with master’s, or even doctoral degrees. Some people immediately enter the public service after earning their degrees. It is apparent that the true purpose of their education is not to study, but to use it as a stepping stone. They are frauds. Remember, a real doctor and an official is not truly compatible.

4, What is the purpose of becoming an official? To gain interests.

You have to work tirelessly to grab all the interests you can get. It is called corruption by some people. You must be clear that gaining interests is not “a” purpose, but “the” purpose for being an official. Your boss promote you because you can serve his interests. Your subordinates obey you because you can bring interests to them. Your colleagues and friends take care of you because you can exchange interests with them. You may forfeit your own interests, but you are useless unless others can benefit from you. Remember, once you lose focus on gaining interests, you are just one step away from failure.

5. Conduct yourself before conduct business.

Please don’t get confused and think I want you to be a mensch. What I mean is to conduct yourself in networking (guanxi). To conduct business, or to get things done, is not really important. Weave a comprehensive network and make yourself a node of this network. You see, nowadays when we say somebody is capable, we actually mean he is capable of networking. LOL. And if someone thinks otherwise and concentrates his energy on getting things done, I will be dumbfounded if his life is not miserable.

6. Our society is always a peasants’ society in essence no matter what has transpired on the outside.

Whoever caters the interests of peasants will be successful. Regardless of the appearance of the people around us, deep down, they are peasants. Peasants are characterized by their short-sightedness and the thirst for immediate benefits. Therefore, you have to do things in ways that share the characteristics of peasants, to pursue short-term benefits and to be short-sighted. If you have a long term vision, you will isolate yourself and the consequence is obvious. Learn some medieval practices, such as the ritual of pledging brotherhood.

7. Currying favor is a form of high art.

Don’t mistake blandishment simply as shameless. There are a lot of women who degrade themselves  but few of them get rich or find their sugar daddies by doing so. Most of them are stuck as low-paying sexual workers. To apply the same underlying principle, a sycophant has to be a master at pleasing his most important client, his boss. In a society without the rule of law, the only way to go “up” is via the appreciation from your superiors. All other factors are peripheral. You must be cognizant of this.

8.  All the laws and regulations, policies and protocols should not be strictly observed; or more precisely, they should be implemented flexibly.

The makers of laws and regulations, policies and protocols are intent to control others, not themselves. What you have to know is, however, the rules cannot be randomly breached. You have to know when to adhere them firmly, when to violate them secretly and who can violate them. Gauge carefully, or you’ll be in trouble.

These are the principles of being an official. Think carefully now, if you can do all of these, your will have a smooth sailing career. Not up to the task? It’s high time to switch to another profession.
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Google Alert in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

Funny that China is declaring Google to be evil and such a bad influence, but we still got ’em here. yeah, google from Hong Kong is zipping right along, its as if nothing had happened.

Another funny thing is that I was watching CCTV, the communist government channel-as they basically all are. And on this channel, they wanted to show where specifically an event had occurred in another country so they zoomed in on the map and then accessed none other than google maps to show the location. To me it is indicative of much of what happens in China: pragmatic, hypocritical, proud.

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China Fact- Media

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

From Chinatoday.com, here are statistics on China’s media. But remember, the communist party will decide what these people publish, if they disobey, there are repercussions.

“There are ten times as many Chinese newspapers and magazines than there were 30 years ago. That’s when the country adopted the reform and opening-up policy.

Figures from the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) show there were 186 newspapers and 930 magazines in China in 1978. Today, the country has 2,081 newspapers and 9,363 different magazines.

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Chicoms Saving Themselves from-Themselves, Google in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

Found this old post. They are talking about how google bashing is an old thing here in China. They constantly bitch about it not filtering porn etc. Funny thing is that I have searched here on the local sites and still get shitloads of porn. But anyway, read this excerpt from globalvoices.com, here is what they had to say a while ago.

The chicoms interviewed some students and here was the reply

“My feeling is that obscene information in the Internet is extremely poisonous, especially that via google.cn’s link, the poisoning effect would even be stronger.

For example, I have a classmate. He was like every other youth, very curious about such thing. Therefore, he visited porn site and lost his mind in it. Later, the government clean out the porn sites and he could not visit anymore. He then became better. However, he then discovered that via Google.cn’s search engine, he could open these kind of websites again. Google.cn has more that kind of links. Then his condition got worse again.

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