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Chicoms Saving Themselves from-Themselves, Google in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

Found this old post. They are talking about how google bashing is an old thing here in China. They constantly bitch about it not filtering porn etc. Funny thing is that I have searched here on the local sites and still get shitloads of porn. But anyway, read this excerpt from globalvoices.com, here is what they had to say a while ago.

The chicoms interviewed some students and here was the reply

“My feeling is that obscene information in the Internet is extremely poisonous, especially that via google.cn’s link, the poisoning effect would even be stronger.

For example, I have a classmate. He was like every other youth, very curious about such thing. Therefore, he visited porn site and lost his mind in it. Later, the government clean out the porn sites and he could not visit anymore. He then became better. However, he then discovered that via Google.cn’s search engine, he could open these kind of websites again. Google.cn has more that kind of links. Then his condition got worse again.

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