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More on Rabies- Chinese Company Admits Vaccine was Watered Down

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 3, 2010

Pretty shocking actually, this company basically sold watered down vaccines.

“A pharmaceutical company in East China’s Jiangsu province admitted on Thursday that their substandard rabies vaccines might expose unwitting patients to the hazards of bogus immunizations, Xinhua News Agency reported. Media reports also confirmed that at least 8,600 shots of the shabby vaccine have already been used in eastern Jiangxi province alone, and more than 20,000 doses have been distributed in neighboring Guangzhou, resulting in at least five cases of adverse reactions.

Liu Wu, president of Jiangsu Ealong Biotech Co. also known as Jiangsu Yanshen, told Xinhua that four batches of their rabies vaccines produced in 2008 fell short of the national criteria and were too diluted to produce the desired immunity.

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