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Chinese Even Fake Coupons, and Then Bitch When Promotion is Cancelled

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 7, 2010

This place is a trip. Here is the skinny on the story below.  KFC ran a promotion, probably worth maybe 2-3 U$ per meal. All the Chinese had to do was to print a coupon and redeem it, much like we in the rest of the world do on a daily or weekly basis- it really presents no problem, but then again like they ssay here, “It is China.”

So, they run the promo and people are redeeming coupons before they have been officially released ( something like that, the piece is not clear). But in a nutshell, the Chinese faked the coupons worth a few US dollars, and KFC shut down the promo 3 days early. The Chinese were up in arms, they actually sat at the KFC demanding their food, police had to be called. Now, if you live in China, you would not be surprised, after all, Jackie Chan has said that these people cant handle democracy, but for someone overseas, this may seem as low class and ridiculous. But, you have to remember , this is China.  Now, it makes a bit more sense to see companies like Godaddy, Google, Dell, and others pulling up their stakes, and the US getting closer to India.

chinadaily excerpt:

SHANGHAI – KFC, the US fast food giant, is under widespread criticism in China after it cancelled a promotional activity on Tuesday, claiming that some customers had fake coupons.

The restaurant chain had planned to issue three types of coupons at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm on Tuesday to the first 100 netizens who registered at each interval through its official Chinese website.

The coupons were supposed to be accepted through Friday and copies of them were also allegedly intended to be valid.

However, starting at 2 pm on Tuesday, customers who wanted to use the coupons in KFC stores across the country were told the promotion had been stopped following an order from its China headquarters.

Some customers in Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai had bitter quarrels with KFC staff, resulting in police rushing to the scene to maintain order.

The cancellation was due to fake coupons, KFC China said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the company, at 10 am on Tuesday 100 netizens successfully retrieved the first round of coupons. But before the second and third round of activities began in the afternoon, stores across the country had already received many customers with the additional two types of coupons.

A preliminary investigation revealed that some other websites had made these two coupons available for downloading without the authorization of KFC China, the statement said.

The company claimed it had made it clear in its promotion that only coupons issued by its official websites would be valid.

“KFC has reported the case to local police and we’ll cooperate with the investigation,” the statement said. “KFC is sorry for the disturbance. If consumers insist that their coupons are from official sources, they are required to show evidence.”

However, the explanation failed to satisfy the disappointed customers. At a KFC store on Wujiang road in Shanghai on Wednesday, about 30 customers whose coupons were rejected sat on tables waiting for an explanation, while a McDonald’s delivery boy was called in with their lunch.

“The McDonald’s delivery was ordered on purpose, in protest to the unfair treatment we received,” said a customer who declined to be named.

54 Responses to “Chinese Even Fake Coupons, and Then Bitch When Promotion is Cancelled”

  1. chinaisraising said

    you insult china! you apologize foreigner! you no right! kfc fake ,chinese people no fake, you fake! this is china youu respect China law or you going you home!!! CHINA POWER!

  2. Deaddragon said

    Settle down kungpao chicken, the guy is right. I loved there, the people are OK, but man is it a mess. You guys don’t have clean water, don’t bathe, it is pretty nasty, I mean the chicks love us and all, but the place is 60 years behind.

  3. Truth said

    He is not insulting China, they do not need the help. Go there once and you will see the lack of care for humanity.

  4. chinaisraising said

    fuck you foreigners ,China is great culture of WORLD! We superior race and strong In whole World! you jealous!! you lose!Go Home we not need you!

    • to China Idiot said

      We are at home you dumb moron. And fix your pidgeon Engrish, we no can unastand you Jackie Chan….

      • chinaisraising said

        no need for stupid english. soon you must speak CHINESE. in every country of world must speak CHINESE!

      • James B said

        Only one dump in the whole world speaks Chinese buddy. So if you want to live in a place where the average person still makes about U$#300 per month then yes, China is the place for you.

      • not rising said

        Hey, you are right Charlie Chan, I learned some chinese…
        肏你媽…. oh yeah your mom called, she told you to quit tugging it and get studying you little girlie man…肏你妈的

        I love it, you guys are such rubes!!

    • Weaky Chinese said

      This chinarising fool can best be described as in the following, “A Chinese book that claims the nation’s boys are academically inferior to girls and losing ground hysically and emotionally is causing vigorous debate. Lin Qi looks at the issues.

      A leading researcher on youth issues who claims there is a “boy crisis” in China has caused a storm of debate among parents, educators and the media.

    • Ta said

      I part Japanese, regarding China’s culture, basically they just borrowed it from Japan. Look at their history, they lack indigenous innovation and all. The funny thing is that Japan had some glorious years in China, the comfort women and all. And in reality, we are just waiting and preparing, after all, the Chinese cannot handle democracy, they need a strong leader. Yes we had a set back, but we are strong. We basically owned over 30% of the Chinese land. We didn’t enslave them, we liberated them, and will do it again.

  5. chinaisraising said

    you jealous foreigners! china is most big culture in world! we are superior and we rule world now! you jealous foreigners, you inferior to China, we master cutlure and people and strong now. you do if we want!!! CHINA NUMBER ONE!!! fuck you loser

    • mediocrechina said

      He is right, China is the best, well except for poor quality products, total lack of respect for human rights, 50% bad debt on bank loans, an average income per person equal to that of El Salvador, and have not invented a thing since 1521. Oh to be ignorant and Chinese, what a joy! Stay in China chinaraising, you deserve it!

      • Richard Seeto said

        In terms of Human Rights observance or abuse, you people in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free should look at yourselves in the mirror. You are no model of human rights respect nor model of democracy.
        And speaking of corruption, particularly in government, the Americans are masters of manipulating the system for the benefits of the rich and powerful.
        Don’t take my word for it. Look into the issue on the net.

    • Bigun said

      chinaisraising said
      April 8, 2010 at 11:14 am
      Strong? China has never been strong. You have been invaded since the country was formed. Ask the Mongols, hell ask the 8 foreign countries who basically occupied you guys just last century. And, if it werent for America, Japan would still be in Beijing and the place would be called ‘New Tokyo!’

      • Richard Seeto said

        Listen to this sage speaking. Obviously, he has only a one-eyed view of history. Sure, China was invaded and finally conquered by the Mongols. So? What happened to those Mongols now? It was their conqueror, Genghis Khan who incorporated Mongolia into China and if it weren’t for that interfering Tibetan General, the whole of Mongolia would still be incorporated in the one China.

        So you are proud of those 8 foreign countries which invaded China in the last century and divided it akin to a watermelon? So you subscribed to the notion that might is right then, right? Now that China is strong, the likes of you bastards are now saying that China’s might is not right. What fucking hypocrisy are you try to spout now?

        What happened to those 8 foreign invading countries now? As if you don’t know and they are now in very poor financial states.

        As for Japan, if China did not resist and tied up nearly half a million of the invading Strong people of Japan (Politically incorrect usage for Japanese-words edited by the powers that be) troops, America would have belonged to the Strong people of Japan (Politically incorrect usage for Japanese-words edited by the powers that be) and you guys would be eating Sushi instead of McDonalds long before Pearl Harbour ever happened.

        Fiddledy sticks-(potty mouthed words edited by the powers that be) like you are now clamouring that China should liberate Tibet, right? Did you know that it was Tibet which invaded China in 635 AD and conquered most of the adjacent territory from China? Did the Tibetans ever said sorry or make reparations to the Chinese? Go and find your own answer.

        Trouble with any of you assholes mentioned above, you knew a little about history but spout your opinions like a spoiled brat.

        Next time, put on your thinking cap before opening your big trap.

      • Z said

        Bigun is right. You are big and fat and dumb! Hope you get Mcdonalds heart attack you loser. Get out of China.

    • K. Choo said

      I am from Korean, I must say that I have been to China and it is a disaster. The girls there all love Koreans, but it is due to the China boys very weak and teeth little grey. The country ok, but people are kind of ugly.

  6. I_Love_China said

    you foreigners so ridiculus and so jealous to our great nation .We chinese are the master race in this globe and destine to rule the world . we are so strong and we brign you all culture, in fact China is first country in world with culture and you copy from us and innavations. you copy from our great China. Japan and corea all copy china. all world. we are so strong and soon we strike and you foreigner must be servant to China and our superior culture and people. soon you must speak chinese in all country in world and you must work for us . our leaders make China big and bigger! this you no like but you are below us. deal with this. is your fate but you happy. you can enjoy chinese culture, the best ,and you get happiness and we all happy and harmony!

    • Nando K Alreacion said

      Learn to spell dik cheze….

      • I_Love_China said

        no need speak the foreigner language english. you speak chinese very soon in all country of world when China rule world. you do what we say, and you speak chinese all you all country of world. only CHINESE!!

    • Pat said

      Great culture, I agree. What other country steals the intellectual property rights of chimps, chopsticks and umbrellas. Or, what other great country has so much history but has never been a real world leader, if it weren’t for a Mongol, you guys never would have controlled a foreign territory. Fact, it, you guys are like the big dumb kid who lives at the end of the block,no one really respects you.

      • I_Love_China said

        no you wrong. china invented all things and we are best in produce . we master race and best culture , center of world for 5000 years and our blood will rule. the world belong to CHINA!!! i proud of our best culture and best people and best country in world . you laowai all backward . long live our leaders!!

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  8. Your local paper will in some cases offer McDonalds discount coupons in addition to your telephone book in the yellow web page section. I was unable to find internet vouchers that did not require registering for a promotional site.

  9. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chick) is a junk food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, which specializes in fried chicken.

  10. quoter said

    “Bigun is right. You are big and fat and dumb! Hope you get Mcdonalds heart attack you loser. Get out of China.”

    read again what bigun said, Z. you should not try to be something you are not. you can, but you can only achieve it by hard work, own creations and thoughts and self-sacrifice. not by copying and posting things while shitting, fucking a poor girl from the countryside, sleeping and pissing on streets.

  11. The fucking bastard who started this webpage should be gotten by the scuff of his rotten neck and turf out like so much American shit and garbage. He is the typical Ugly American who somehow managed to siddled into China like a thief in the night and trying to ridicule China and all things Chinese. It is pointless to argue with this kind of Ugly American mentality as when they cannot argue a point cogently, they begin to abuse and try to tar the opponent and using garbage and anything goes. These bunch of mothers have no nous, no sense of fair play and are just a bunch of the lowest mentality American trouble makers. Their mothers should have drowned them at birth and save the world alot of angst. Fuck off, Yankee Doodle!!!

    • Thanks Dick, and let me guess. You now live in Anywhere But China, but still want to stifle freedom of expression, right?


      • richseeto said

        Everything this shit ugly American said is Bull shit as he rummaged his spun history from the deep crevices of the latrines and shit pits of the smelliest American Lavatories. This prick talks about killing in China conveniently forgetting how his own government was using the poor black negros for human experiments shooting them up with venereal diseases to discover what kind of effects they will develop and after that refuse to treat them and let them die an agonising death. And of course, the so-called mad man, Hitler learned his genocidal tricks from the American invented genocidal experiments in the 1930’s in eliminating the weak, mentality deficient and the socalled, “poor white trash”. It is a pity that this individual and all his forbears were missed.

        This ugly American prick has the hide to criticize China which has shown him every patience and tolerance in allowing him to remain in the country ridiculing and white anting its policies not realizing that if the boot is on the other foot and there is a similar bastard of the Chinese kind doing what he is doing but in America, we will see how quickly he will be thrown in jail and deported pronto if not getting the bullet.

        According to this Yankee Prick, the White Americans never killed any innocent people. But hey, they nearly wiped out the whole danged Red Indian population and stealing their land and raping their women. This is not regarded as killing when they are doing the deed. Killing is only done by other people and other nations. I remembered when a boy and seeing my first Cowboy and Indian movie for the first time, the warrior Indian chief said while making a V sign with his index and middle finger, ” White man speaks with forked tongue” This is exactly what this Yankee Doodle Prick is doing. Can he be trusted? Study the way he expresses himself and judge for yourself.

      • Note to Mr. head, stay on point Dickie Dickie.

        This is a blog about hell/China, thus I discuss all things Chinese. May I suggest you start a similar blog about America? Oh but you do have a blog, don’t you? Far be it from me to criticize, but I found your posts to be pedestrian, lacking n creativity and less than useful, in a word it was sooo Chinese.

        Now back to the matter at hand:

        I take it by your rant that you freely accept all I say about China being true. If it were not, then surely you would refute my claims, right?

        Lets do some more homework Mr. head, shall we?

        Ok, why is it that Chinese who live in civilized countries, most extoll the virtues of the ‘motherland’? After all, you no longer live in this phlegm addled den of iniquity, do you? Ad if this place is so great, then why did you and yours escape?

        Now, more on China. Deng ‘then insane midget’ masterminded the ‘kill all but one child’ policy which has enabled China to add 300 million deaths to the 60 million to 100 million lives that Mao took. Aside from this, he brutally embraced the Mao’ist idea that 2 out of every 1000 people must be killed as anti – Maoists. Do you think such antecedents shed light on the regime today or are they merely outliers? Or more to the point, is this type of behavior typical to you and yours?

        I look forward to your rant.

      • richseeto said

        Yankee Asshole, that is for me to know and you to find out!!! First thing you should do is to go back to Yankee Land and stand in line for food stamps. You would not earn a living in an iron lung.

      • Hi Dick, can you translate this proof you have a brain tumor of a comment into human for me?

      • chocit said

        haha priceless. yellow ugly chinese wants to be white. but he looks into the mirror and he is yellow. and he hates what he sees. and hates the whole world. stupid monkey. go and die. china only hates and destroys. sick people.

    • 1989 said

      he says the truth. you can live in your dreams and deny the truth. but at the end: The big suprise will come to you. This site is not american. This is the world. You will learn a big lession soon. It will get crazy. If you are a chinese, then you will die. within 3-4 days and eat human flesh cuz you have no other means. No, I am not joking. If you are not: You will be hanged by the mob and eaten. You will remember us. They day will come. And we know what we are tlaking about. You don’t.

    • change said

      I guess you are china lover living in china. listen: when the big show starts you will hunt down and stabbed to death by the mob, the ones you consider your “chinese friends” now. after that you will be eaten in a chinese stew. great white meat with rice. you have no idea who you are dealing with in china. good luck.

    • Enter the octagon or go and clean your man-vag.

  12. Why the government of China is allowing this ugly American Asshole working to white ant and Trojan Horse its society within its boundaries is a mystery to me. He should be gotten by the scruff of his redneck and booted out as so much American garbage and refuse.

    • Totally agree mein fuhrer! No one can disagree! Kill all capitalist roaders, but first let me emigrate to AUS!

    • 1989 said

      you want racist talk? ok. the white race is superior to you. you chinese look like monkey with yellow skin. the white race is the master and king of the world. you chinese are dirty yellow and look like orant utans. can you stand the truth? why do you think chinese women love white men? because white men are the crown on evolution. did I satisfy your chink racist mind now? great.

    • Me said

      Kill all foreigners, purify China!

      Same song sung 5000 years ago.

      • 1989 said

        yep, make the shit pure. how can you make shit pure? shit is shit. no matter how many lies and cheats and fireworks you use.

    • Europa said

      i don’t like the USA government. But I like its people. i defend my american friend against a KTV fucker like you. you will die. you have no meaning in life. all you have is just stinkin baby-flesh eating china, you have no right to say anything against this site. you go and fuck your poor chinese rural vagina. they will kil you soon. you won’t live long. this is a rule of life. and you can’t escape from it.

    • Ok Dick aka Wordwarrior, no shit. Lets do this. I’m about as sick as your bullshit as you are of mine.You and me in the virtual octagon, man up or shut your twat hole.

      My thesis is that in its 5000 years of existence Chinese has given precious little to the world. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that they are a net taker, locusts, if you will. I can prove that they account for a disproportionate amount of death, grief and incivility and are currently crushing global human rights.

      I would also argue that their harrowing history is built upon a fear of each other which is so thick that it has caused the slaughter one another at astounding rates. Aside from this they have embraced the most inhumane of practices such as cannibalism and infanticide. They lack dignity, civility and much of what makes people human.

      I can prove all of this, but now it is your turn. It’s quid pro quo, I kick your nuts then you try to nail mine.

      My opening blow. Over 2300 tears ago Chinese emperors condoned the killing and eating of baby girls if a family was without food. To me this symbolizes some of the most repulsive aspects of China. Such an act is barbaric and proves the utter cruel nature of these people. I would argue that this phenomenon has continued to this very day.

      Your turn, tell me just one good thing China has given mankind over its 5000 year existence.

      Man up or shut up.

      • change said

        he won’t reply. chinese being chinese they care about nothing. they only care about fucking a poor small vagina, eating, money, mianzi, shitting and then dying. this is china and chinese.

  13. chocit said

    “government of China” hahahaha! stupid yellow monkey with a small dick who wants to wear shoes wchih are too big for him. typical chinese ugly monkey. hahaha. government of china, hahahaha!

  14. Quoter said

    what kind of person are you richseeto? fucking primitive chinese ugly monster. go back to china. that’s where u belong. you are a pest and useless. just like your fucking china. in china u can’t speak freely and then u want to fuck the country who hosts you? clean up ur mess called “china” first. you primitive idiot. locust.

  15. Quoter said

    “They lack dignity, civility and much of what makes people human.”

    chinese never evolved. and what they lack is also courage. the Spanish had it, the English, the French, The russians, the Romans. everyone had it. What do the the Chinese have? lies and cheats and badmouthing the whole world and living like slaves and cowards and pissing on the streets. oh yeah, and fireworks. chinese like fireworks……But the world knows you now, China. Game over. Locusts.

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