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6 Foot Man Dies in Chinese Jail- At Time of His Death he Weighed About 70 Pounds

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2010

If you are religious, you should pray for this place. Here is a guy whose only offense was to scalp some tickets. He gets sent to jail, and then mysteriously dies. Scalping tickets, when even the president of the country’s son was allegedly involved in bribery, but is now a multi-millionaire and some poor guy scalping tickets dies in jail.


“A prisoner who was 1.8 meters tall died mysteriously on April 9 with a body weight of only 35 kilograms in Tangshan’s Hehuakeng labor camp in Hebei province, the Beijing News reported Wednesday, citing a story from an unnamed website.

A worker from the labor camp confirmed to the Beijing News Tuesday that the prisoner named Dong Xiongbo had been in the camp and was dead in a hospital but refused to say how Dong died or provide any other details.

Dong was sentenced to one year in a labor camp in Beijing for scalping show tickets in May 2009, but was later transferred to Tangshan because the Beijing camp was full, the website said.

Dong’s mother said her son had called the family twice to ask for some money to cure his fever and dizziness because the labor camp didn’t take care of his health. After receiving a call from the labor camp on March 18 and being informed that Dong was released on bail for medical services, the family arrived at the camp, only to find that Dong had already died, the website said.”

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