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Drink Your Piss and Welcome to Shanghai

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2010

From coolerthanthou:

Retired Police Officer Yu Fahai was going through security at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. Because of a recent kidney transplant, Yu needed to test his urine often for infection. And so it was that he came to be carrying a sample in his pocket as he passed through the security check in Pudong Airport.

According to Digital Journal (Japundit) Yu reports that the conversation proceeded thusly:

“The checker asked me what was inside, and I told her it was my urine. She said: “Urine? Drink some to prove it”,” said Yu at his home in Chibi, Hubei province.

Of course after the fact the security guard claims that she misunderstood the man’s pronunciation of the work “urine” to be “beverage.”  If so, that is one unfortunate misunderstanding. It’s doubly unfortunate when you consider that this was Mr. Yu’s first time flying, as he was making the trip to attend an awards show in Shanghai. I’m willing to be that he takes a train next time!

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