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Linfen China- Worlds Most Polluted City

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2010

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Linfen is the most polluted city in the world,  even moreso than Chernobyl.

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  3. Kate Mowat said

    Looking at this, people still blame farmers for over 50% of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions… Because all this pollution doesn’t count right? Right?

    Only 3% of Canadians are farmers, and our country commits a significant amount to climate change, but who cares about the other 97% of things polluting Canada? Its CLEARLY the 3% of farmers causing climate change, i mean thats not smoke coming out of those factory’s or those cars stuck in traffic, its rainbows and cleaner than lysol! Boo farmers boo! Boooo! You cow killers, pig cullers, sheep shearers, and world killers! Boo!

    Honestly people, look reality in the face, turn around, and look into a mirror. You don’t solve anything by simply blaming the minority of populations, you have no human heart if you can pass the blame on another and dismiss the entire conflict… Im a farmers daughter, yes i know cattle and livestock produce greenhouse gasses just by belching and being a animal… But what of all the crap coming out of the cities? Theres a reason why smog likes to hang around Toronto.

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