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Forced Labor and Death in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 21, 2010


The 2007 slave labor scandal, which came to light after 400 parents posted an online petition saying their missing children had been sold to illegal brick kilns in Shanxi and Henan provinces to work as slaves, shocked the whole country and toppled many officials.

Three years later, as people’s memories of the suffering are fading, a series of deaths of young workers, who were engaged in what seemed to be much more decent jobs at a hi-tech company, again have disturbed the public.

It was reported that 11 Foxconn staffers have killed themselves since June 2007. This year alone, six have ended their lives. People can’t help thinking about the 2007 slave labor scandal when they see the frequent suicide cases in a single company, unless suicidal people are somehow drawn to the company, said a commentary by Xinhua Daily Telegraph on Monday.”

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