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Living and Working in China- Employment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2010

Back home there was a big scandal with Microsoft and Apple, they were employing underage children and working them like slaves. Well, unfortunately , welcome to China.
When you come you will see this all of the time, it is a dirty part of Asian values where the parents are the most important thing, thus the kids do anything possible for them.
Take for instance, the restaurant across the street from my house. The leader of the waitresses is 15 and the waitstaff runs from 13 to 17 years old. They are all underage and all illegal, but they all work there. Even the cops come, they do nothing about it, this is china.
The fact is that in Chinese companies this is so prevalent it is sad, typically the foreign firms are better and you don’t see this type of behavior, The kids work for around 110U$ per month but food, housing and clothing is free, but they are treated like dirt.
When the news broke about Apple, everyone was indignant, as if they didn’t know this before. Hey you guys it is commonplace here!China is worse than other places, but they really don’t respect humanity, its their culture. So if you want to complain, or do something about it, boycott Walmart and try not to buy goods made here when possible. If you just want to bitch, then continue to surf the net, enjoy your cheap Wal-Mart goods and shake your head when you see this type of activity.

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