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Yummy, Gotta Get Me Some of That in China!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2010

2 Responses to “Yummy, Gotta Get Me Some of That in China!”

  1. Volume said

    i saved this comment a long time ago and I can’t remember who wrote it but I want to share it with you nevertheless, because it actually shows the experiences I have made with chinese coming to Europe or even being in Europe for years (!):


    It’s bad enough that the Chinese ‘expect’ you to try and like everything without some roundy forcing it on you and telling you how to ‘integrate’. I hosted a Nanjing delegation back in Scotland about 4 years ago and we put 12 of them up in a 5* country mansion hotel not far from St. Andrews. First night we entertained them in the hotels restaurant which served the best of Scottish Angus beef, venison, grouse, pheasant, salmon, lamb, etc. all local and in season and incredibly expensive. As usual they couldn’t order so a selections were made for them. They picked and poked and struggled with cutlery but we smiled and were polite. Then the head of the delegation, through his cutesy little translator told us that the food was quite bad for such a nice hotel. None of them ate anything, literally FUCK ALL, and his complaining started the fucking procession and they all agreed how bad the food was and actually asked if they could get some Chinese food. They got nothing, I made sure of that. The food was damn superb and I was not stopping until I had finished everything, including as much of the 80 quid bottles of wine as I could.

    We all parted company and the Chinese went to their rooms. I got a phone call at about 9am next morning from the manager of the hotel telling me that he wanted the Chinese delegation to leave his hotel immediately and wanted me to arrange a hotel elsewhere for them. Apparently they had broken into the kitchen after midnight and started a party, cooking ‘Chinese food’ for themselves. That was bad enough but everything they used was meant for breakfast next morning so there was nothing left of the other hotel guests except a mess. Anyway, that was kinda off topic but just thought I’d share. I’d go back and delete it all but I can’t be assed.


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