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World Fair in China-WTF is a World Fair

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 26, 2010

China is funny insofar as anything they do , they make it sound epic. To wit, they are holding the worlds fair, and calling it the biggest party in the world. Firstly, wtf is the worlds fair, do they still hold that thing. A Chinese leader, Wen Jiabao called it a 100 year dream fulfilled, to this again I say, wtf? Filling a dream, that is democracy and choice, not frittering away 40billion U$ to try and convince the world that you are still not a gaggle of backwards peasants. Or maybe its just me, maybe it is a glorious undertaken by an old society that deserves its day.


“You have probably never heard of Shanghai‘s 2010 Expo and are still less likely to attend. But from 1 May, the city will welcome an estimated 70 million visitors to the $4bn (£2.6bn), six-month event, as hyped in China as it is unknown outside it. Wen Jiabao, the country’s premier, has described it as the fulfilment of a 100-year-old dream.”

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