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China Fighting Piracy- Right…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2010

China likes to show how they obey laws and how they are now respecting world copyrights etc. Anyone who has been here simply laughs, or even take a stroll over to ecplaza and type viagra

example or type fake rolex example

and you get a shit load of Chinese companies willing to help you break the law. And while China states they are trying their best to fight piracy, how is it that these people advertise and sell product with impunity?

China has destroyed over 36 million copies of pirated and illegal publications in 31 provinces in an effort to protect intellectual property, a media report said Monday.

China conducted a nationwide campaign on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day Monday to destroy pirated and illegal publications in order to increase public awareness of intellectual property protection, China Daily reported.

A total of 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities each destroyed more than one million copies of pirated and illegal publications in this year’s activity. China obtained 8.48 million illegal publications and handled 1,894 intellectual property infringement cases in 2010.

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