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Chinese Justice

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2010

Some guy in China got angry with a store owner and built a bomb and blew up the guy’s restaurant. This is Chinese Justice…

“GUIYANG – A homemade bomb killed a man and injured six other people at a restaurant in the southwestern Chinese city of Guiyang Sunday, local police said.

The explosion happened at about 8:57 am at a breakfast restaurant on Zunyi Road, the Guiyang Municipal Public Security Department said in a statement. Windows, doors, tables and chairs were shattered and broken.

An initial investigation showed that the man killed in the explosion was Ren Guangqi, a 52-year-old street peddler from Yinjiang County. Ren had made the bomb himself and intentionally set it off in the restaurant.

Ren had had a dispute with the restaurant owner, the police statement said.”

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Great Post

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2010

Here is a comment on a Chinese story inciting anger towards the USA. The story was about military tensions etc.
Here is some guy’s comment

” ….I see China saying that the failings are because of the US, using big words and phrases about how the US regards China as an enemy, but the only “barb” from the US seems to be that Gates said whatever happens with Mainland-US relations nothing will change re Taiwan….is that the only “barb”? I’m sorry, but to a Non-westerner reading this, it seems to me that it’s not the US at that is being inflammatory…and this is on the Chinese media, so I wonder what other media says, presumably either they say less…or say nothing at all, because there’s probably not a story there.

My question therefore is this: Why is it that every time there are problems with China’s bilateral relations is it always the fault of the other side. Given that there are weekly problems with China’ bilateral relations somewher,( US, Japan, France, Australia, India, Malaysia, Korea (South), UK, Germany have all had issues in the last month) is it possible that some critique of China’s diplomats and foreign ministry is needed? I’ve lived in and been to a lot of countries and none has as many bilateral problems that are all the fault of the other side, than I have in my 5 years in China IT seems that China’s foreign ministry is a terrible failure at managing bilateral relations….or your media is outright inflammatory…either way, it’s not good for China’s image.

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Bird in a Cage

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2010

I was just reading Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions and I have finally figured China out. My epiphany came when reading the part about Bill, the bird who is in the cage. The owner of the bird is going out of town so decides to grant the bird several wishes. Firstly he opens the bird cage door, and the bird goes to the window and looks out. Then the owner opens the window, potentially allowing the bird his freedom. The bird, whether due to the noise of the window opening or actual fear of freedom, fly’s back to his cage. The owner, then commends him on his decision, and locks the cage door.
This is China, for all their blustering, in their hearts they don’t want freedom, they are afraid of what they might do with it. They really do not trust themselves.

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Chairman Mao, Robin Hood?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2010

In China Mao is revered by most. They see him like a modern day Robin Hood, he took the land from the wealthy and basically stuck the peasants in charge, it was a true revolution for the common man. The problem is that many of those uneducated people he put in charge now have offspring who are running China’s communist party and through graft and corruption, they are now the evil wealthy landholders that Mao so despised. Some think another revolution will come to China.

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Be Careful Chinese Bloggers and Foreigners in China are We Next? Chinese Man Sent to Jail for Voicing Opinions

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 6, 2010

What a scary place China is. This Chinese guy was sent to jail for posting subversive things about China and the government. What an ambiguous way to say that he was jailed for pissing off the chicom government. The scary thing is that one could potentially say the same thing for any blog, newsreport, movie or whatever.Isnt the point of the media to question and to explore? Obviously in China it is not. Hmm, I guess blogging via a proxy is a pretty good idea after all…

“The former editor-in-chief of a Chinese website has been given a six-year prison term for subversion, according to a statement from the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court in east China’s Zhejiang Province. The court ruled on Monday that Zhang Jianhong, former editor-in-chief of a website named “Aiqinhai”, or “Aegean Sea”, had written articles which defamed the Chinese government and amounted to agitation aimed at toppling the government.

897413 police 150 Chinese website owner jailed for defaming Chinese Government picture

The court found that Zhang, after his website was shut down and he himself was punished for illegal practices, had published over 110 articles under the pseudonym “Lihong” on overseas websites from May to September 2006. The statement said that in more than 60 articles, Zhang had slandered the government and China’s social system to vent his discontent with the government.

According to Chinese law, Zhang was also deprived of his political rights for one year, the court ruled. The statement said the court had showed leniency in the trial as Zhang showed remorse after his arrest.

The statement said the court had protected Zhang’s procedural rights and Zhang’s lawyer had been given adequate opportunity to defend for him.

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