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Welcome to Chinese Hotels, Showering Not Allowed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2010

China is great, albeit a little less developed than they would like to admit. Take for instance, my little sojourn to Guangzho. I arrived at my hotel, the luxurious Holiday Inn, and much to my surprise, I have no running water. Now, this ordinarily may only be a slight inconvenience, except that I am in a hurry and have to sign a deal in about 50 minutes. I, in my haste decided to work out this morning and thus am now sweating like Wilbur the pig, and not only my room, but no room has any water.

So, dripping with sweat, I give the receptionist a jingle and am cheerfully informed that there will be no water for our hotel in the foreseeable future today. Hmmm, so I wonder if that means that Chinese do not bathe every day , or do not see the need to provide us that luxury if we have that habit. My situation is a precarious one, I have the razor stubble of Foster Brooks at the moment, my hair has a gulf oil sheen, and here I sit blogging, while the business deal looms in the distance.

I guess one of the moral’s of the story is that China is not advanced, or as advanced as they may wish to project, and I should have realized that and stop bitching, or maybe just get out….

ps. The place is the Holiday Inn City Centre Guangzho, I highly recommend avoiding it.

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