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Public Urnination in China- Let it Flow

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 27, 2010

I was getting off the subway this morning, was walking behind a lady and her son. All of the sudden the boy says something to his mom and she nods at the wall right there by the entrance to the subway station. Then, right in the middle of the day, exposed to all, and in front of the subway entrance, this 10 year old kids starts to pee. I was a little shocked, I know it is China and they are different, but this is in the heart of the city, not the country. And also the subway has an ample amount of toilets and across the street, there are no less than 10 within 50 meters and even my work spot another 50 meters straight ahead has quite a few. I almost got it on video, but it was over too soon, so didn’t even snap a photo of it, I figured you would get the picture. This is China.

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Traffic Jam on the Bike Path in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 27, 2010

This little mini traffic jam took nearly ten minutes to resolve.

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Obscured by the Smog in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 27, 2010

You hear a lot about China and her ability to produce solar panels and such, and kudos to China for doing so. The problems wihtin China, however are two-fold. The first is that in most Chinese big cities, the pollution is so intense that the usage of solar heaters, as in solar water heaters, is almost impossible most of the time. The rays have a hard time making it to the panels, thus their utility is limited. Secondly, like most things from China, their quality is very low. They produce the panels that are the most basic, they are passive heating systems and have no quality built in. For the most part , the panels rely on water evaporation to make the system work, and thus are relegated to the lowest tech products in the industry. Good job to them for trying, but they have a long long way to go.

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