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Chicoms Have to Pay People to Not Be Corrupt!- New Policy Deducts a Corruption Tax

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 30, 2010

This is bizarre, or no, its just China. The Communist party is setting up a fund to reward public officials for not being corrupt! Is this great or what? Corruption is so rampant, that they must give some type of reward to the few the proud, those who are not corrupt. Funny thing is that it will probably never work, within one year the person in charge of this will be found to be corrupt embarrassing everyone. The highest ranking will have around U$225 taken from their checks per month and held till they recieve a clean bill of health viz their non corrupt activities.

“GUANGZHOU – The city of Jiangmen in South China’s Guangdong province has established a fund to reward civil servants who resist corruption and remain honest. According to the newly proposed measures on the “clean governance accumulation fund”, about 4,600 civil servants will have a certain amount of their paycheck deducted every month.

The amount will be deposited in their personal accounts within the fund starting on July 1. The city government will also put 20 million yuan ($2.94 million) into the fund every year, which averages into 4,000 yuan for each civil servant’s account per year.

The civil servants will be able to withdraw 70 percent from their funds every five years, if they receive a clean assessment. The rest will be given to the civil servants in one lump sum when they retire.

According to the proposed measures, a prefecture-level official will have 1,600 yuan deducted every month, while a county-level official will have 1,400 yuan deducted and the lowest-ranking government employee will have 300 yuan deducted.

An official from the city government, who declined to be named, said such a fund, which is similar to the country’s housing accumulation fund, is not a form of welfare or special reward for the city’s civil servants.

“Introduction of such a fund does not mean we cultivate clean governance through high pay either,” the official said on Tuesday.

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