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Chinese Gaming the US- Come on a Tourist Visa Only to Give Birth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 2, 2010

I wonder if this is part of Obama’s plan for immigration reform.

More Chinese women are traveling to America to give birth

Beijing – Wang Rong, who is six-months pregnant, is about to leave Beijing for California so she can give birth to her baby in the United States and give the child its first gift – US citizenship.

The special delivery will cost Wang and her husband, both white-collar workers in the capital, 100,000 yuan ($15,000), but they say it is money well spent.

The expenditure will cover all costs, including services before departure, medical care in the US and a three-month stay there, thanks to the help of a Shanghai-based agency that specializes in taking mainland moms to North America.

“Given the quality of educational resources and employment prospects in China, where there is a huge population and harsh competition, I want my baby to win at the starting line by obtaining US citizenship,” she said.The cost to deliver a baby in the US is far higher than in Beijing, but still affordable for the couple, which makes nearly 250,000 yuan a year, she said.

The list of benefits runs long for babies born in the US, says Jiang Feng, the Chinese mainland partner of the agency, which originated in Taiwan.

Jiang said babies born in the US will, at the very least, be entitled to a place at an American public university, which is favored by many parents over domestic institutions, both for quality of teaching and cheaper tuition.

“The number of mainland customers has been skyrocketing since we opened the branch in late 2008, right after the US opened tourist visa applications to Chinese individuals,” he told China Daily.

Most parents come from affluent families in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou. Some are motivated by the chance to get US citizenship for their babies, others want to evade China’s family planning policy, which restricts most urban couples to one child, he said. Usually, parents use tourist visas to travel to the US when the pregnancy is in the sixth or seventh month. Typically, they stay for between three and six months, then return with their new arrivals.

Jiang said the agency trains couples to obtain visas and tells them how to handle themselves during US customs interviews.

“I got my visa, as they instructed, and insisted that I wanted to go to the US to travel when I faced the US customs officer,” said Wang.

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400,000 Foreigner Born Babies in The US Each Year

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 2, 2010

This is a fact. Each year 400,000 foreigners give birth to babies in the US, making those babies US citizens.

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