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Baidu- China’s Main Search Engine fined for Pornagraphy and Disclosing Personal Info.

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2010

Baidu, the Chinese search engine that the communist party seems to want to protect agains Google. has been fined for allowing smut photos and personal information of a woman to appear online.


“Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, was accused of providing access to pornographic pictures of a woman and was fined, beelink.com reported.

The Jing’an district People’s Court in Shanghai made a judgment Friday to confirm that the search engine violated the rights of the girl’s reputation and ordered it to cut off links with websites that contained her sexual photos and personal details.

Baidu was ordered to post a three-day declaration of apology and fined 22,000 yuan as damage and compensation for emotional distress.

The 26-year-old woman surnamed Yin, a former student of Shanghai Maritime University, found that her photos were illegally uploaded last year by her college boyfriend and reprinted by blogs, forums, and other web portals, who named it “maritime scandal”.

Although her attorney published an announcement on Metro Express, a local newspaper, claiming the deletion of links involving wicked slander about Yin, the explicit pictures and personal details including name, age, phone number and address, remained there.

After being sued for invasion of privacy, Baidu defended itself, saying that the announcement in the newspaper was not in accordance with legal requirements.

Furthermore, as a search engine, it provided content retrieval that automatically generated links and didn’t mean it intentionally published information that defamed others.”

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China Launches World Wide Master Propaganda Channel

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2010

China’s Xinhua is launching a global news channel with a Chinese perspective. Which vaguely translates into , news that the Communist Party wants you to hear , or with a distinctively Chinese spin. But that name is too long, so they just say “Global News from China.”

I can just see this new channel and the potential for blunders and making the country look foolish. One need only look at xinhuanet or the China daily. This will be great! The site will first air in Hong Kong, and then supposedly in the USA, Europe, and Africa.

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Living and Working in China- Toxic Houses

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2010

Methane poisoning in Chinese houses. Remember I told you that I had bronchitis and it was probably caused by the new apartment next to me, where the glue used by the contractors had a high level of methane and this was leaking to all of the apartments in my building. Well, I heard another story of the same situation with a friend of mine. They knew a person who had this happen at their apartment and the contamination was so bad that they were forced to leave. If you come to China, be wary and careful of the house in which you live. Especially if you have young children.

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