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Germany, The World Cup and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2010

Germany kicked butt in the World Cup, but bowed out to Spain. This is a bummer to me personally as I thought they were tremendous. They played with the precision of a Mercedes and were fun to watch. I lost some cash as well, as I had bet on them to take home the trophy. I still congratulate them on their showing, however.

But the point of the post is how Germany is viewed in China imho. It would appear that all countries chock full of whites (USA, UK, Germany, Australia -(France is an odd exception but they too were/are socialist and China is communist so that may be the connection) are somewhat scorned here in China. By scorned, i mean it may not be en vogue to say that you want Germany to win the world cup or England, as it is too easy to label them as racists, just as they do with the USA. It seems as if China has caught this world fever of being against ‘the man’ and is applying the label of ‘racist’ to countries of anglo descent. Thus, it is easier for China to root for Spain in the world cup, as they are not as blatantly anglo as a Germany, England, or Finland.

There is also a bit of envy perhaps. As Germany, a couintry of 82 million, and thus about 7% the size of China can do so well in soccer when China has yet to score a world cup goal. As i type, i cant help but think that the jealousy for Germany goes much deeper. If we proceed with the above logic and then extrapolate, we may be able to understand why China may resent or feel jealousy towards Germany (I just sensed this in the World Cup, but have never seen outright overtures to corroborate this). For instance, Germany has such a rich history in the areas of math and science, and the history goes back for quite a time, they represent a challenge to what China sees as her historical greatness. Chinese brag about the ‘great discoveries’ they have had, which is limited to things that were useful before the turn of the millennium, wheelbarrows, ice cream and such. But Germany is responsible for things such as : movable type, thermometers, telephone, jet engines, the automobile and many more. When comparing the discoveries of the two, especially over the past 500 years, one can see how China would be intimidated.

So it would seem that China can back a country like Spain over Germany. Yes Spain too has a rich history, but they are safer. They do not have the ‘anglo’ look of the other country and thus are more politically acceptable to back , imho.

But lest I mislead you please understand that the Chinese, being a practical sort, love their German autos. They purchase scads of Mercedes, BMW’s and Audis are quite party with the communist party members. The leader of China, it is said, even eschews the local brands for an Audi. So, it would appear that there is a love hate relationship for the Chinese with Germany. The Germans I have spoken with really dont give a shit, they are pretty unconcerned about it.

In summary, good job Germany you kicked ass!

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