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Tainted Milk Again in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2010

Now, for the third time in three years, toxic milk has turned up in China. The latest batch totaling 64 tons was found in northwest China. They will never learn, no matter how many die. It is actually sad.

China Daily “BEIJING – Food safety authorities have seized 64 tonnes of raw dairy materials contaminated with the toxic chemical, melamine, in a dairy plant in northwest China’a Qinghai province, the provincial quality watchdog said.
Tests of samples of the milk powder showed up to 500 times the maximum allowed level of the chemical, said the quality watchdog in Gansu province, where the contaminated milk powder was first discovered. Police traced the source of the milk powder to Dongyuan Dairy Factory, in Minhe County in neighboring Qinghai province.

Another 12 tonnes of finished milk powder products, also tainted, were also seized.

One Response to “Tainted Milk Again in China”

  1. Bill Rich said

    Is anyone surprised ?

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