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China and Joy Juice- Sex Toys in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 10, 2010

It is official, China is the worlds largest producer of sex toys in the world, accounting for 70%, or at least that is what the China daily is saying.

I find this humorous as China is touting their innovation (but have really not innovated since the 1600’s). Thus, I wonder if this sex toy manufacturing thing is part of their plan. To me, however, it seems that sex toys are somewhat low end, and I really dont see how they can be innovators. Maybe they think that by adding and extra pleasure rib to a device is a game breaker…

Oh yeah, what a kill joy for sex. Imagine you wish to get intimate and have toys, and then because they are made in China, the quality will be low. One can only think of the host of problems this would present, not to mention the fear of lead and cadmium in the devices. Possibly this is the China effect, the fear that we have of using their devices that will lead the world back to ‘conventional sex’ without sexual helping devices.

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