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Henan Province in China will be China’s First Province to Have 100 Million People!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

China has provinces which are like our states. One of these provinces is Henan, it will be the first Chinese province to have 100 million people. That number is astounding, it is equivalent to one-third of the USA, or equal to Germany plus, Holland, plus Paraguay, plus Uruguay, or equal to about 19 Bolivias.

Funny thing is that for all those people, they still aren’t worth a shit at soccer…

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Iowa, God’s Country

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

A few shots from Iowa near the Hoover library.

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Chongqing China Prematurely Ejac… Eliminates Large Sexually Themed Theme Park

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

article from here:

Chinese Sex Park or post-Jen-Craig Kirstie Alley? (AP)
Last Friday, this space highlighted plans for a sex-related theme park currently under construction in the Chinese province of Chongging.

“Love Land,” according to the planners, was to feature exhibits on the history of sex, workshops on sexual techniques and giant reproductions of male and female anatomy.

But thanks to hundreds of articles and photographs that began circling the web late last week, Chinese officials moved in over the weekend with a huge pair of wrecking balls and began dismantling the attractions.

A government spokesman refused to offer details on the demolition, but did confirm the enormous genitalia would never see the inside of Victoria’s Secret apparel (with a thong that big there are no secrets), the 20-man bikini wax team or thousands of wide-eyed tourists.

Hoping to recoup some of the construction costs, Chinese authorities will approach Ashton Kutcher regarding the purchase of the “Ride the Wild Cougar” roller coaster.

According to the Associated Press, “The demolition highlights conflicted views on sex in modern China, where a prudish attitude toward discussion of sexuality is paired with an almost clinical approach to its physical aspects.”

The AP report notes that while sex education is non-existent and pornography is banned, Chinese shops that sell sex toys can be found in almost every neighborhood.

Chinese society also tolerates sex outside of marriage, and ignores both widespread prostitution and the commonplace occurrence of mistresses for men of power.

Public discourse, however, is rare, leaving Chinese citizens unaware of birth control, protection from STDs, and with little awareness of sexual harassment and abuse laws.

The AP reports that a prominent government official was recently arrested for having sexual relations with a 13-year-old prostitute.

The official’s defense – that he was unaware the girl was only 13 – was successful; the charges of child rape were dropped and the man was fined and convicted on the lesser charge of visiting a prostitute.

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Fang Zhouzi- A one -Man Gang Against Chinese Untruths

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

If you want to understand China, then this blog is a must read. It is by Fang Zhouzi, who is on a one man crusade to expose the truth of China and her dishonesty, especially in academia. Before taking that trip to buy from Wal-mart, give his blog a click…

excerpt about him:
Fang on Fraud in China

It may just be too many to list. According to the most recent report by New Scientist, Fang Zhouzi himself has estimated that they have exposed more than 700 cases, involving falsification, corruption, and pseudoscience. Sadly, very few of these cases received official attention in terms of formal investigation and resolution.

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More Lies in China- The Academic Dishonesty is so Prevalent That They Dont Even Believe Themselves;Fang Zhouzi Busts Them

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

China has a serious credibility problem, both in the government and the populace at large. 78% of the people do not believe the government, and now increasingly, we do not believe the Chinese. Fang Zhouzi is the intellectual watch dog for China and does an excellent job of ferreting out the truth of China today. He has uncovered scams where as China touts its research, in reality they are merely reproducing English based research and translating it to Chinese. There is little oversight, so the government plaudits its number of printed research and does not care, in China it is all about face. So, it is not surprising that 100 of the most elite scholars and business people in China have had to redo their resumes. They have been found telling lies on them , or simply purchasing foreign degrees. The funny thing is that even the Chinese do not trust each other, but yet we so readily do so. Sometimes we are quite foolish.

“BEIJING – The resumes of about 100 Chinese “elites” have been revised on Hudong Wiki, a pilot Chinese-language encyclopedia website, after the former president of Microsoft China, Tang Jun, was accused of fabricating his academic credentials.

“The information about Tang has been changed three times on our website,” Beijing News quoted Wu Yanpeng, vice-president of Hudong Wiki, as saying on Saturday. The statement that “Tang got a doctoral degree from the California Institute of Technology (CIT)” has been deleted, Wu said.

“As for other elites whose data was rewritten on Hudong Wiki, the revisions are mostly about their educational backgrounds and degrees, which have recently become sensitive topics,” he said.

However, whether the data was revised by the elites themselves or someone else remains unclear, as Hudong Wiki allows for the free editing of its pages by registered users.

An insider at a public relations company said it is highly possible that these revisions were made by public relations companies.

Since the beginning of this month, Fang Zhouzi, who is known as a “science cop” for battling against pseudo-science and academic misconduct, has been accusing Tang of fabricating a doctoral degree from CIT.

Tang clarified the matter on July 6 by saying that he had never claimed to have graduated from CIT and that he had received his doctorate from California-based Pacific Western University.

But Fang soon pointed out that the first version of Tang’s autobiography, My Success Could Be Duplicated, makes those claims and he uploaded the scanned pages onto his blog.

Fang also said Pacific Western University is a “fake and problematic university” that sold credentials.

A report on the website of the US Government Accountability Office shows that Tang’s alma mater was once sued for selling degrees: $2,295 for a bachelor’s degree, $2,395 for a master’s and $2,595 for a doctorate.

Caixin magazine on Wednesday even made public a list of some Chinese who graduated from Pacific Western University.

The list shows that a number of the Chinese “elite” received Doctor of Business Administration degrees from the same institution, including officials, executives, lawyers and judges.

However, Ye Jun, manager of Beijing Zhaorun Investment Company, who also got a PhD from Pacific Western University, told Caixin that he was awarded his diploma after attending two years of classes at Peking University.

He said the teachers were foreign professors, though most classes and dissertation defenses were held in Beijing.

He paid 50,000 yuan ($7,350) to an agency for his diploma seven years ago. The agency has since been closed.

However, the international cooperation department at Peking University denied it had any affiliation with Pacific Western University, according to a report by the Chengdu Evening News on Sunday.”

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UK Telling Chinese Immigrants to F**K Off!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

This is an interesting world wide phenomenon. As the world opens up to China, the Chinese are leaving their homeland in droves. Their means are both legal and illegal. There are crazy stories of what Chinese will do to marry and get a visa, or get impregnated just to bear a foreign child. IN addition, China has agencies which allow pregnant women to come to the US to have the kid, just so it is born there and thus will be a citizen. In this respect, China is worrisome to the world. China has over 22% of the worlds population, so that is quite a few poor mouths to feed. Thus, a country like England, or Germany , or the USA, currently has enough problems meeting our social security and health care mandates, without worrying about problems from another country- at least that is the view of many. Thus, countries like Japan, India, and Korea, are making it more difficult for Chinese to come, and even study there. It sounds like the UK is on the same track.

“British Home Secretary Theresa May announced on June 28 the coalition government planned an immediate interim cap of 24,100 skilled work visas for non-European Union migrants until April – 1,300 fewer than last year.

May said the threshold for gaining entry as a highly-skilled migrant had been increased by five points (from 95 to 100) to ensure only the “brightest and the best” non-EU migrants are admitted to the UK.

In an interview with the BBC, May also said there was “clear agreement” in the coalition government that a permanent cap would be set next April.

Announcing the plans in the House of Commons, she also said the government would introduce further immigration curbs, particularly on students.”

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40% of Chinese Men Can’t Get Wood-Erectile Dysfunction in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

A recent study in China says that over 40% of Chinese men over 40 have erectile dysfunction, and almost 30% of all Chinese men experience this phenomenon, the US in contrast has an 16 percent incidence of the dysfunction.

CD” Among men over 40, at least 40 percent experience male impotence, a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance, said Wang Xiaofeng, director of the urology surgery department with Peking University People’s Hospital.”

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Peaceful Chinese Commute

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

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Japanese teacher Offers to Have Sex With Chinese to Pay for Rape of Nanjing and War Crimes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

from here
Anri SuzukiAnri Suzuki has offered to have sex with Chinese students
Anri Suzuki, 24, from Tokyo – is said to have a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history, but said she had specialised in studying the Japanese invasion of China and was ashamed by what her countrymen had done.

She told the Chinese media: “We have to respect the lessons of history and although we cannot obliterate it we can try and make recompense. “I want to cure the wounds of China with my body, and I offer to do this by having sex with Chinese students in Japan.”

“I think it would be a symbolic compensation for them,” she added.

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41 Year old Shanghai Chinese Man Killed Another for Selling a 12$ Cyber Sword

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

from here
41-year-old Qiu Chengwei, stabbed competitor Zhu Caoyuan repeatedly in the chest after he was told Zhu had sold his “dragon sabre”.

A “dragon sabre” is one of the assets you can win in the popular online game Legend of Mir 3. Legend of Mir 3 features heroes and villains, sorcerers and warriors, who often have huge swords to fight with.

Legen of Mir 3

Qiu and a friend jointly won their weapon last February. They lent it to Zhu, who in turn sold it for $1129, without telling his friends.

Qui reported Zhu to the police, but was told the virtual weapon was not real property protected by law. The court was told: “Zhu promised to hand over the cash but an angry Qui lost patience and attacked Zhu at his home, stabbing him in the left chest with great force and killing him.”

This is not the first time a gamer seeks justice through the courts over stolen weapons and credits. “The armour and swords in games should be deemed as private property as players have to spend money and time for them,” Wang Zongyu, an associate law professor at Beijing’s Renmin University of China said.

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