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Chongqing China Prematurely Ejac… Eliminates Large Sexually Themed Theme Park

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

article from here:

Chinese Sex Park or post-Jen-Craig Kirstie Alley? (AP)
Last Friday, this space highlighted plans for a sex-related theme park currently under construction in the Chinese province of Chongging.

“Love Land,” according to the planners, was to feature exhibits on the history of sex, workshops on sexual techniques and giant reproductions of male and female anatomy.

But thanks to hundreds of articles and photographs that began circling the web late last week, Chinese officials moved in over the weekend with a huge pair of wrecking balls and began dismantling the attractions.

A government spokesman refused to offer details on the demolition, but did confirm the enormous genitalia would never see the inside of Victoria’s Secret apparel (with a thong that big there are no secrets), the 20-man bikini wax team or thousands of wide-eyed tourists.

Hoping to recoup some of the construction costs, Chinese authorities will approach Ashton Kutcher regarding the purchase of the “Ride the Wild Cougar” roller coaster.

According to the Associated Press, “The demolition highlights conflicted views on sex in modern China, where a prudish attitude toward discussion of sexuality is paired with an almost clinical approach to its physical aspects.”

The AP report notes that while sex education is non-existent and pornography is banned, Chinese shops that sell sex toys can be found in almost every neighborhood.

Chinese society also tolerates sex outside of marriage, and ignores both widespread prostitution and the commonplace occurrence of mistresses for men of power.

Public discourse, however, is rare, leaving Chinese citizens unaware of birth control, protection from STDs, and with little awareness of sexual harassment and abuse laws.

The AP reports that a prominent government official was recently arrested for having sexual relations with a 13-year-old prostitute.

The official’s defense – that he was unaware the girl was only 13 – was successful; the charges of child rape were dropped and the man was fined and convicted on the lesser charge of visiting a prostitute.

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