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One Child China- Freaking Bizarre

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

I walked home from the gym today and saw what in China is predictable behavior. In China you see one mother, one father, one little kid. It is everywhere, now as ubiquitous as Mao’s little Red Book once was. The people dote on these little emperors like crazy, and due to the fact that the kids have no siblings, its inherent on the parents to pick up the slack. Thus, they pad along in that goofy Chinese manner, just the three of them. Now I am accustomed to it, and when I see foreigners, it seems odd to see all those kids.

A caveat is that oftentimes the grandparents are shepherded to handle the babysitting chores. In which case you see one little kid surrounded by two saggy faced old Chinese who dote on the kid. Little does the child know that for every kindness the parents bestow on the child, it must be repaid in spades. The grandparents have no social security so the kid must pay their way as well as their parents ways in the near future…

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