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UK Telling Chinese Immigrants to F**K Off!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2010

This is an interesting world wide phenomenon. As the world opens up to China, the Chinese are leaving their homeland in droves. Their means are both legal and illegal. There are crazy stories of what Chinese will do to marry and get a visa, or get impregnated just to bear a foreign child. IN addition, China has agencies which allow pregnant women to come to the US to have the kid, just so it is born there and thus will be a citizen. In this respect, China is worrisome to the world. China has over 22% of the worlds population, so that is quite a few poor mouths to feed. Thus, a country like England, or Germany , or the USA, currently has enough problems meeting our social security and health care mandates, without worrying about problems from another country- at least that is the view of many. Thus, countries like Japan, India, and Korea, are making it more difficult for Chinese to come, and even study there. It sounds like the UK is on the same track.

“British Home Secretary Theresa May announced on June 28 the coalition government planned an immediate interim cap of 24,100 skilled work visas for non-European Union migrants until April – 1,300 fewer than last year.

May said the threshold for gaining entry as a highly-skilled migrant had been increased by five points (from 95 to 100) to ensure only the “brightest and the best” non-EU migrants are admitted to the UK.

In an interview with the BBC, May also said there was “clear agreement” in the coalition government that a permanent cap would be set next April.

Announcing the plans in the House of Commons, she also said the government would introduce further immigration curbs, particularly on students.”

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