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Living and Working in China- Open Crotch Pants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2010

China is bizarre, it is like the Beverly Hillbillies breeding with HeeHaw. You just never know what you will see here. Today, I was taking the subway home late, and on line 13 which runs in the north of Beijing I saw a sad sight. I was going to take a photo, but my human decency would not allow it.
I saw some guy, he had to be retarded, selling newspapers from train car to car. The sad thing was that his britches were held up with twine, and in the seat of his pants, they had cut a slit, just like they do for the babies to defecate out of. So, here is this grown man, probably feeble, and he is walking along selling newspapers in the Beijing subway, and his ass is hanging out. The poor thing has to move and hit us up for money to eat. The really sad thing is that I have heard that the cops and security guards put these guys up to it and will get physical with them if they do not beg or sell things and earn enough cash. The worst lines are 13 and 10.

2 Responses to “Living and Working in China- Open Crotch Pants”

  1. Aj said

    China is just not the place for you. Get a one way ticket out and go back to the warmth and comfort of your old home. Stay there and avoid foreign travel where customs are weird. Stay out of certain American cities and regions where sad and violent sights will shock your sheltered existence.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hahaha, I appreciate your frequent visits and comments, and hope you enjoy the site. Actually I am quite comfy here or ‘sho fu’ as they say. The place kind of grows on you.
      The cool thing is that the net allows us all to share the good, the bad, but really to share. So, once again, thanks for sharing and enjoy the blog!

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