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Plagairism and Foregners Who Come to America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 12, 2010

Here is a story of plagairism at OU. It is sad, as foreigners (with the exception of Europe-west) do not have the same standards when it comes to academic honesty and integrity. I know this is a generalization, but it actually comes from first hand experience in over ten coutnries on 3 continents and first hand detailed accdoiunts from professors at leading instittutions. For instance in Vietnam (first hand account- one can earn an A for the price of around 2000 of their dollars, in China it can vary from 40 to 300 US dollars and so one). In many countries cheating is so rampant that pure academic research is slipping.

For instance this snippet is about a guy from Sri Lanka named Rantaunga, who plagairized seven pages directly from a Chinese guy’s masters these. Rantaunga did not cite the Chinese guy and thus he plagairized. He said that he had cited the Chinese guy in other parts and thus he ‘did not know he was doing wrong’. Rantaunga is now a full time professor and has a PhD from OU.

The US is to blame, we want their money so we put up with their shit. We devalue our own educational system for a little gold. It is a sad state, and we by doing nothing are guilty as well. If we wish to become a nation like those in which copying and fraud are rampant, ie. China, then we are on the right path.


“..Sri Lankan student described that system in detail. He identified one researcher responsible for it as Zhizhong Zhou, a Chinese student who had received his master’s degree at OU the year before.

Ranatunga didn’t, however, use quotation marks or footnotes to indicate that, with only slight variations, he had taken about seven pages directly from Zhou’s thesis.

Ranatunga, now an engineering professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, acknowledges copying the material but says he didn’t think he was “doing something wrong” because he’d named the author in his text and bibliography.

The lapse of attribution has embroiled him in one of higher education’s largest plagiarism scandals. Acting on allegations made by a former graduate student who discovered the duplicated material while combing through past theses, the 20,000-student public university is taking action against 39 mechanical engineering graduates, 36 of them from abroad. It has ordered them to address plagiarism allegations involving theses dating back 20 years or risk having their degrees revoked.”

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