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Chinese Caught With Kiddie Porn

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

This is odd, but apparently many Chinese have been caught lately trying to bring kiddie porn into foreign countries. This is disgusting and the Chinese government, as well as all governments need to clamp down on this sort of thing.
from the CD

“Australian Customs and Border Protection has dealt with several cases involving Chinese citizens attempting to bring child pornography into Australia, according to a report on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. The pornography was detected in the citizens’ personal laptops by Australian Customs officials.

Australia’s Customs Act 1901 of the Commonwealth Consolidated Acts makes it illegal to bring child pornography into the country. A violation of that law can lead to the strictest penalty of a 10-year imprisonment and fine of 275,000 Australian dollars. The Chinese embassy in Australia reminds citizens to comply with Australian laws and not to bring child pornography into the country.”

Another article:

A Chinese mining executive has been jailed for at least five months after he “recklessly” imported two DVDs containing child pornography into Australia in January.

Tao Gan, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of importing the DVDs into Perth Airport after he arrived on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong early on January 29.

In the Perth District Court on Thursday, Judge Allan Fenbury sentenced Gan to 12 months’ jail, but said he would be released on a good behaviour bond after serving five months of his

Gan had to remain in Australia since he was charged, after a Supreme Court judge refused to grant him bail so he could continue to work and support his family in his home city of Guangzhou, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

He lives with his wife, four-year-old son and his wife’s parents. Gan was visiting Australia on mining business as deputy general manager of Guangdong Rising Mining Investment Company. An affidavit previously tendered to the Supreme Court said Guangdong Rising and Ord River Resources Limited were involved in negotiations to purchase mining interests in WA.

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Subway in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

Line 10 in Beijing, this is some guy trying to earn a little extra cash by playing music. He was ok, but not great.

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Smoking in China- China Fact

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

China has at least 350 million smokers. That number is higher than the population of the USA.

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China Fixing the Judiciary

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

This is funny, after 2300 years as a country, China has just adopted the following measures this yea.
from xinhuanet.com
” In an effort to prevent abuse of judicial power and fight corruption, China’s Supreme People’s Court issued a new regulation Wednesday to list a great number of restrictions against court staff, ranging from taking bribery to committing adultery with litigants.”

Hmm, they didnt think to include this earlier, as in the 32 years ago when the constitution was updated, or 60 years ago when it was adopted…

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Rainy China- Beijing Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

Picture taken in Bejing, I think it is on the northwest side, but forget if this is true.

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Toxic Milk in China- What is the Solution- Lower the Quality Standards – WTF??

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

Living here is really like a soap opera, or watching children play house. The rules are arbitrary at best and non-existent typically. They have a constitution which is beautiful but never read nor upheld.

The Chinese had the horrible toxic milk scandal that was hidden during the Olympics because what is the problem with inconveniencing the masses, if the communists can make money and save face? But, the toxic milk scandal was eventually exposed, some people were killed and the government proclaimed a victory.

Then last year in Shanghai, the toxic milk reared its ugly head once more, and not much was done, it was kind of swept under the rug. Now, it appears that thousands of tons of this toxic shit is out there, just waiting to affect the most innocent of all once again, the children.

So, what does the brain trust that is the communist party do? They take the bull by the horns as it were and decide that the best way to fight this problem is to lower THE QUALITY STANDARDS OF THE MILK- viz lower the protein content required.

Let me explain. Melamine is used in the production of milk (illegally by Chinese), as melamine can fool the Chinese quality tests as to the amount of protein that the milk powder has. So, you can take a milk, water it down and this will lower the protein content. But, if you add melamine, a toxic chemical, you can actually increase the ‘supposed’ protein content. Thus, the greedy people here are taking poor quality milk, adding a poisonous toxin, and meeting the Chinese regulatory standard for protein quality.

Using Chinese logic, garnered from thousands of years of corruption, they assume the best way to deal with people adding a poisonous toxin to the milk, is to lower the required protein content of the milk, WTF?

Does this make sense? What they are doing is ensuring that the milk now will have an even lower quantity of protein, thus the overall quality is lower. In addition, they will make it easier for those who add melamine to fool the tests by allowing them to add a lower percentage of melamine! Wouldnt it be easier to continue to test for melamine, isn’t this the real problem?

The real issue is to get some type of oversight and/or strict punishment which the communist party is not willing to do. This means that some people at the highest levels are making some money on the deal. The world should shy away from milk products from this place…

This is life in China

excerpt chinadaily
BEIJING – China has lowered dairy plants’ required protein levels for raw milk as a way of discouraging farmers from adding the industrial chemical melamine to bolster protein-test readings, health ministry officials said.

Melamine, typically used in the manufacture of plastics, fertilizer and concrete, was found in the country’s milk products two years ago, resulting in the deaths of at least 6 children and causing hundreds of thousands of children to suffer from kidney disorders.

Despite investigations and prohibitions against melamine use in dairy products, melamine-laced milk products are still being found, underscoring the persistence of food safety problems in China.

As recently as last week, authorities seized 64 metric tons of milk powder and products containing the chemical in the northwest Gansu and Qinghai provinces, and suspected tainted powder also turned up in the country’s northeast, Xinhua news agency reported.

Melamine’s high nitrogen content makes protein levels appear higher when added to milk or animal feed. The new minimum protein level for raw milk was lowered to 2.8 percent from the previous standard of 2.95 percent, health ministry officials said.”

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Bribery and Corruption Numbers in China, They Have to Set Some Kind of Record

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

From the chinadaily:

“From January 2005 to May 2010, China’s all-level procuratorial organs retrieved a total of 31.26 billion yuan ($4.62 billion) from investigating and dealing with cases of corruption and bribery, the Procuratorial Daily reported.

During this period, 178,393 people involved in 146,570 cases relating to corruption and bribery were investigated and dealt with. There were 8,776 cases involving properties worth more than one million yuan ($147,700) and 122,106 people were convicted. Also, 6,148 suspects once at large were caught, including 71 who had absconded out of China.”

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Evil in China, or just Bad Luck

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

This is a very telling and sad story.The car pictured below was rammed into a poor Chinese villager by a rich woman, its impact killed her. The car was new, the poor lady had scratched it, the rest is history (read story below). In a country that many says is morally bankrupt I find it ironic that the license plate on the car was AL-6666. In China they don’t regard triple 6’s as bad, but maybe its time they do.

I have blogged this story before, but found a good article, surprisingly from the chinadialy, which expounds upon it.


The picture shows the BMW that is involved in the highly disputed traffic accident. [China

“It all started as little more than a fender bender. On October 16, 2003, Dai Yiquan and his wife, Liu Zhongxia, were plodding along their tractor, loaded with green Chinese onions, along a narrow street in Daoli District, Harbin, capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. To avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle, Dai swerved right, scratching the left rear-view mirror of a BMW X5 3.0 parked along the side of the street. Some of the onions fell on the car, covering the mirror.

Su Xiuwen and her sister jumped out of the BMW and beat up Dai and Liu. Dai recalled later that Su yelled “How can you afford to compensate for the damage?” while Dai and his wife took the punches without striking back because “we knew we were at fault.” Su’s testimony admitted that she hit him only once.

The commotion soon attracted a big crowd. Someone suggested that the BMW move back a little to rid itself of all the onions on its top. Su and her sister got back into the car and — to everyone’s alarm, the car dashed forward, killing Liu Zhongxia on the spot and injuring 12 others, until it hit a tree.

On December 20, the Harbin Daoli District People’s Court ruled that it was a traffic accident caused by Su Xiuwen’s negligence….Su’s family and Dai Yiquan settled out of court. Su paid Dai more than 90,000 yuan (US$11,000) in compensation and the other 12 injured were paid about 180,000 yuan (US$22,000) in total..People started posting the story in Internet forums. It snowballed into a rage, with most people accusing the rich and the powerful of trampling on the underprivileged. The BMW and the tractor stacked with vegetables have taken symbols of the haves and the have-nots.

The initial allegation was that Su Xiuwen was the daughter-in-law of a high-ranking local official, implying that her family had used its connections to get her off lightly. The Dais (victims family) make a living on 1.3 hectare of farmland and odd jobs like carpentry. In a lucky year they manage to pull in 10,000 yuan (U$ 1400) in gross income.

Guan told a reporter. He admitted that he spent 800,000 yuan on the BMW, and an additional 55,000 yuan on a personalized licence plate that reads AL6666. Guan Mingbo (husband of the accused) projects such a congenial image that Dai Yiquan, husband of the dead woman, is now willing to consider him a friend. “Guan comes out to visit me once every few days. I think he’s a nice guy, so we’ve become friends,” Dai told a Beijing News reporter.

But Dai does not seem to be able to forgive Su Xiuwen, Guan’s wife (driver of the car). “I’m a friend of Guan, but I’ll never be a friend of Su,” explained Dai.

“Resentment of the rich and sympathy for the poor are one of the driving forces in this discussion,” Cheng Mei, tells China Daily. “People hate the nouveau riches because they believe in the old saying ‘The rich are not kind’ and their notion has been corroborated before.”

Most people do not see Guan’s offer of financial compensation as a gesture of remorse and apology, rather as a means of using money to “shut up the eyewitnesses.”

Some newspapers, like Shenyang Jinbao, quoted eyewitnesses who saw Guan (husband of the driver) comforted his wife on the scene: “Don’t worry. One million yuan is enough to take care of this.”

Intention to kill?

Before one reads social implications into the case, it was first and foremost a decision on whether Su Xiuwen sped forward intentionally. Su insisted that she, in her distress, made a mistake while she actually intended to back up. But many people doubt her words — and they have plenty of questions that cannot be answered by the “official story.”

Su’s husband, attributed the forward dart to her inexperience in driving. Although she got her driver’s licence in 1997, she learned driving shortly before the incident. Guan even admitted that her licence was bought instead of being issued after a rigorous test.

Dai Yiquan, in his deposition, claimed that Su said “I’m gonna kill you” before she got back into her car. He said at least a dozen bystanders heard it as well. But his deposition was not read in full in the court hearing. And nobody was willing to be a witness in his favour. Initial media reports said that some witnesses had asked Dai for 5,000 yuan in reimbursement for testimony.Su Xiuwen has always denied uttering these words.”

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Beijing China and Mexico City Mexico Have the Worst Traffic in the World- Study Shows

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2010

“According to the IBM commuter pain index, The survey of 8,192 motorists in 20 cities on six continents reached that conclusion based upon issues like average commuter time, time stuck in traffic, and drivers’ experiences of stress.”

This is true, this morning it took me about 55 minutes to travel about 5 miles in Beijing.

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