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Village Strippers in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

This is a village in China, and these are strippers. It may be a funeral, (I will blog that later) but I am not sure. This was posted on chinsmaack, an there was not much information. IN essence, however, the communist party is upset with these types of events. They are village meetings where strippers are hired to perform, and perform they do. China has some odd sexual proclivities, so it makes sense that the communists would be pissed.

A village strip show in China.

Chinese strippers performing in a rural village.

Strippers giving a performance in a rural Chinese village.

Chinese strippers giving a performance in a rural village.

In a rural village in China, strippers perform for a crowd.

A strip show in a rural Chinese village.

Half naked Chinese girls give a strip show for Chinese villagers.

Chinese girls dance for a village crowd.

Scantily-clad Chinese girls perform for villagers.

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China’s Chocolate Girl ….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

Lou Jing is the love child of an African and a Chinese, her father left China before she was born and she does not know him. Apparently her dad left China and didnt know/care that he had a child there.
Lou Jing entered one more Chinese rip off, that being the Chinese version of American Idol or some such thing, and did well and raised the hackles fo the proud Chinese. As she is half black, many uttered racist slurs about her and the announcers even called her the little “Chocolate girl”. I guess as China opens up, it will be having more of these types of problems.

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Chinese She-cop Busts a Cap in the Ass of a Bad Guy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

Check out the images. In Guangzhou China, some lady cop busts 4 caps in a robber holding a hostage, who says China is peaceful?

Guangzhou Chinese robber takes female hostage.

From Tiexue:

July 6, around 8pm at night, a man on Zhannan Road robbing another man met resistance, and fled after stabbing the male victim with the pair of scissors. Afterward, the suspect armed with the scissor held a female victim passing by until 9:30 at night when a plain-clothes policewoman seized an opportunity, fired 4 consecutive shots, and he was shot dead at the scene. The hostage was successfully freed.

Chinese plain-clothes policewoman shoots hostage taker in Guangzhou, China.

Chinese plain-clothes policewoman shoots hostage taker in Guangzhou, China.

Chinese plain-clothes policewoman shoots hostage taker in Guangzhou, China.

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Benevolent Communists in China- 18$ a day for Wrongful Imprisonment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) Friday ordered prosecutors to compensate victims of wrongful imprisonment at a rate of 125.43 yuan (18.5 U.S. dollars) per day of incarceration, up 13.44 yuan per day from last year.

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Living and Working in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

Anyone can come to China and teach English. They pay people around 20 U$ per hour and many do so. If you are lucky, you will find a good company and they will pay you on time. Most people, however are not lucky. If you stick around long enough you may get a real job with a real firm.

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Tianenmen Area in Beijing China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

The pollution in Beijing has been horrible lately. I cannot remember what the sun looks like. These photos show the normal state of the sky in Beijing. The sky is like a dark ball of cotton that obliterates one’s view beyond one-half of one mile. It is odd as it takes away all the depth of the city.

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China’s main Search Engine Sells it All!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

This is a great post from here:

“For the longest time, Baidu has been a very useful website to me. Today, I learned that it is actually a very interesting website.

If you enter the term “nuclear weapons” on Baidu, you will find the links on the right-hand side of the search results declaring: “Buying nuclear weapons? Baidu has them!” If you search for “false documents,” Baidu will also tell you “Buy false documents? Baidu has them!” followed by the sentence: “Enter here if you are looking for fake local documents!”

But that is not the most exciting part. Even if you search for “Communist Party members,” there will be “Buying Communist Party members? Baidu has them!” which is naturally followed by “Enter here if you are looking for local Communist Party members!” Here is the screen capture:


with the blow-up in:


However, I also found that if I look for “Hu Jintao,” the right-hand side is empty. So it seems that Baidu is a very intelligent website …

Later on, another netizen told me to try “Comrade Hu Jintao” and indeed I can also get “Buying Comrade Hu Jintao? Baidu has it!” and “Enter here to get local Comrade Hu Jintao!” at will.

But all that is not as entertaining as entering “Stupid cunt” and seeing those friendly, intimate, sincere and warm statements:

“Buying stupid cunts? Baidu has them!”

“Enter here if you are looking for local stupid cunts!”

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China Sells Cancer Causing Shampoo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

Here is a real ‘shocker’, a famous Chiese brand of herbal shampoo has been found to have cancer causing ingredients inside. The brand is found everywhere and quite popular, due to, among other things, the smiling face of Jackie Chan that is promoting it.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in China, and after all of the stories of lead poisoning and cadmium in toys and this, it is no wonder that that is a fact.

BaWang shares dive on cancer claims
Jackie Chan serves as a representative for BaWang products, as seen in this store display. [Wu Changqing / for China

BEIJING – Shares of Chinese herbal shampoo maker BaWang International Group Holding Ltd tumbled in Hong Kong on Wednesday following a local media report alleging that its products contained a cancer-causing chemical. Samples of BaWang’s anti-hair-loss formula shampoo and its Royal Wind brand were found to contain the cancer-causing substance dioxane, Hong Kong-based Next Magazine reported, citing test results by Swiss inspection and analysis company SGS.

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Germany’s Merkle Comes to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s is visiting China… blah blah who cares, lets get to the point. I, as a normal American citizen am proposing a novel business deal

I propose a trade:

The USA offers Germany Barak Obama plus Kagan (and Sotomayor)
Angela Merkel plus a scientist to be named at a later date.

Lets face it, the USA is sick of him, his approval ratings are in the drink, but Germany supports him. I think Merkel cannot be that bad, so I am offering this deal. Please let the American people know if you are in agreement.

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Pocket Pool in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2010

This dude is probably 50+ and he could not keep his freaking hand off his pecker. Funny thing is, it is a Chinese subway, so people are immune, they didn’t care.

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