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China Poisoning China- Toxic Guangdong- When it Goes Belly Up, I am Betting on India

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2010

You hear all of these things about China’s growth, and it is true. There is opportunity everywhere, but in reality, who couldn’t do the same if they had such a blatant disregard for human rights and the environment. China has nearly 15 of the most polluted cities in the world, Guangdong is a cesspool of toxic waste, and China and the world merely continue to watch.
If countries like Mexico or Brazil had the same disregard for safety and quality, their GDP would easily double.
The real story may be that China is becoming toxic, they are killing their land all in the pursuit of money. I can see how India, if they are able to straighten out some of their issues, is poised to assume a leadership role.

chinadaily excerpt:
“SHANGHANG, Fujian – Ministry of Environmental Protection officials in Guangdong issued an urgent notice to their colleagues in Fujian on Sunday that toxic waste from Friday’s leak at the Zijinshan Copper Mine had reached the lower reaches of the Tingjiang River in Guangdong.
The copper content in the Meizhou section of the river in Guangdong soared from 0.0135mg/L on July 15 to 0.0233mg/L the next day, posing a clear threat to the livelihoods of fish farmers in the area. Worse yet, the content remained on the rise over the weekend, according to a copy of the notice made available to China Daily on Monday.

The pollution “has exerted an explicit influence on the trans-provincial river section,” the notice said, “and will pose big challenge to local fish farming.”

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