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India Reports on the Chinese Oil Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2010

from the indiatimes.com
” BEIJING: The environmental damage caused by massive oil spill at China’s Dalian port following explosions of pipelines last week could last more than a decade adding to the ecological implications of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig maritime disaster in US.

Chinese officials said the clean up of the Yellow sea and beech in and around the explosion site may take more than ten days but its implications could last beyond a decade. The amount of crude oil that had spilled into the sea was still unknown but state-run China Central Television reported that the leak was estimated at 1,500 tons.
Officials claim that more than one-third of the crude oil that was spilled had been collected by Monday, three days after the incident which took place on July 16.

Marine safety departments had collected 260 tons of leaked oil from a 10 sq km area of the most seriously polluted seawaters off Xingang Harbor, while fishery departments claimed to have collected another 280 tons from less-polluted areas, media reports said.

A climate and energy project officer for Greenpeace, Yang Ailun, told the state run Global Times that it is impossible to totally clean up oil that has leaked and its long-term impact on environment may last more than a decade.

The accident took place after a 300,000 tonne oil ship uploaded oil in the harbour after which it left safely. The explosions reportedly occurred when a pipe carrying oil from a tanker to a storage tank blew up, causing another nearby pipeline to explode.

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