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CCTV- Shitty Chinese TV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 25, 2010

CCTV is the Chinese TV channel or series of channels. The programming is horrible and usually has all this “feels good” bullshit that makes it unbearable to watch. The also do bs interviews that usually cast the west, especially the US in a very bad light.

8 Responses to “CCTV- Shitty Chinese TV”

  1. ts said

    It’s just the Chinese eguivalent of Fox News and other American media that casts China in a bad light. Don’t watch if you can’t deal with the pot calling the kettle black.

    Americans who go forth in the world to crusade for American values fail to see the irony of their anti-China rants.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Haha, you are so correct, and actually I did what you said. I lie there suffering through some more communist television and I said to myself, “Self, why dont you not watch if you dont like that.” And I changed the channel, and guess what….the next channel was also Communist CCTV, so again I said, “self, turn the channel again or you’re going to be so pissed that you blog this. ” And once again another communist channel. I turned up, chicom channel, down chicom channel, it was all chicom channels! I was pretty frustrated, you know me, trying to impose my views on the world and all. In the end I just decided to snap one off and get some sleep. hahaha just joking I didnt really snap one off…

  2. Eduardo said

    TS, you sound like a chicom. Have you ever heard how the Chinese media manipulates them? I have heard that they dont even tell them about important history events like Tiananman square. Maybe Fox sucks, but I really think it cannot compare to what the Chinos have to suffer through.

  3. ts said

    You went into a communist country and should be intelligent (or maybe not) enough to know the channels would be – surprise, surprise…..chicom. Or were you expecting Fox news?

    as Americans would say, ‘just go back where you came from” or “love it or leave it!”
    Take that advice and get a one-way ticket back to the comfort of your own homeland. Otherwise, you’ll be whining for the rest of your life on this pathetic blog.

  4. Forest said

    Yeah its the 21st century, who would have thought the the dumbass commies would have progressed enough to get real tv. And while they are at it, they out to bring back the cultural revolution, maybe killing 30 million of their own people was not enough. Oh and btw, the attitude you have is what happened to the Qin dynasty wasn’t it? HAHAHAHA dumbass.

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