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Creepy in China- China Claims all Those of Chinese Ancestry to Still Be Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2010

The Chinese are pretty creepy sometimes. They do odd things, stare, are passive aggressive, are abrupt and rude, but this one is probably one of the creepiest things they do.

‘Overseas Chinese’-

I do not know if they coined the term, but they sure love to use it. The term is ambiguous, but I am taken to believe that it means anyone with Chinese blood in them, irrespective of where they currently live. thus, if you have Chinese blood but have lived in the USA for 300 years, then you are overseas Chinese, according to China.

The communist controlled media loves to talk about overseas Chinese and what they have accomplished. There are a few problems with this:
1- By calling anyone of Chinese blood an Overseas Chinese, China in effect, is claiming this person as part of the motherland. For instance, the communist party has plead for ‘
overseas Chinese ‘ to pass the word on about China, how wonderful she is. The issue is that this means that a person who has lived in Germany, for example, for 600 years, is still an overseas Chinese and thus, according to the chicoms, must go forth and propagandize for the motherland- creepy or spooky?
2- My family, way back when, is from Europe, Germany, Ireland, and what is now Slovakia, and I have it on good stead that I am not Irish, nor German, nor a Slovak. I was told that because of the fact that 4 generations of my kin have lived in the US, I no longer deserve the moniker of an inhabitant of the land from which my ancestors came. I actually am ok with that, to me it is logical. I was born and raised in the US, and by my definition, I am an American.
What China is doing, in essence, is taking away the Americanism, or Germanism etc, of all of those wiht Chinese blood. It would be like Angela Merkel saying that I must talk about the great history of Germany and her culture, and likewise with Ireland, and Slovakia..
To date, I ahve recieved no such email nor heard of the land of my ancestors prompting me to exhort the greatness of that land, nor have they attempted to claim my identity by calling me an ‘overseas Irish’ or ‘Overseas Slovak’.
3-This is actually a disservice to many Americans of Chinese descent who do not want to be called Chinese, after all, they are Americans aren’t they? And my American friends who are of Korean, or Phillipino heritage, actually get angry if we do not call them an American etc.
Thus, by China doing this it shows her lack of security in China as a country, her overbearing need to control (a la big brother), her lack of understanding of the world and other cultures, and her general creepy behavior when they speak… Ok the last point was a little weak, but I am getting tired now, have posted too many blogs and my brain does not work. But, I think you get my point….

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