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Gross Overgeneralizations About China That are Partially True

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 27, 2010

Here is what you will see if you come to China, these are generalizations, maybe grossly so, but things I have seen and common comments from foreigners here. And remember, some of this may be due to poverty, but I have traveled quite a bit, and the things below, I personally have never seen in any country I have lived in.

-Older Chinese ladies look like men
-Chinese ladies from 50-60 are the angriest people I have ever met in my life
-Chinese do not sweat much
-Chinese cannot grow full beards, but only little ‘lo mein’ straggles on their chins
-Chinese push, shove, and have poor manners
-Chinese screech into cell phones
-Chinese do not know how to stand in lines
-Chinese are befuddled by things like : escalators, elevators and subway doors, they bang into them, do not know how to properly use them
-Chinese people are skinny
-Chinese walk funny, kind of like a march/hop
-Chinese food is excellent
-Chinese treat foreigners very well
-China has a long history
-Since the age of the wheel, Chinese have not invented crap
-Chinese are the worlds leaders in pirating things
-Chinese are not inventive
-Chinese are poor at chit chat
-Chinese have crappy hygiene standards,: public defecation/urination
-Chinese pick their noses and dig in their ears on the subway
-Chinese women have little couth, they dig in their junk in public and pick at their asses ( I have seen this in Rio de Janiero Brazil as well, call this one a tie)

So, according to my scientific study, lets call all of the above 100% factual!!!!

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