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China, How Governmental Matters Get Resolved- Protests in Nanjing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 28, 2010

China is odd in this sense. To some it may seem as if they have a ‘mob rule’ mentality whereby the mob, if strong enough an change the government. this seems opposite to a rule of law nation.

Here is an example from the china daily.

NANJING – Relocation projects have been suspended and two government officials fired after 1,000 people protested for four consecutive days last week over abuses by local authorities in land compensation cases in East China’s Jiangsu province.

Party and government leaders in Tong’an township in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, were dismissed after protesters gathered at the town headquarters from July 15 to 18, according to a statement on Wednesday from the government of Huqiu district, which administers Tong’an.

Protesters were demanding higher compensation for their land which had been acquired by government officials who sought to build industrial parks, the statement said.Some villagers reportedly clashed with officials, smashing furniture and windows in the building.

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