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Great Post from the China Daily

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 30, 2010

This is a comment on China, the state of their poor hygiene and the spoiled one child kids.

“Beneath the debate going on here over the Chinese peoples’ poor social manners, lies a deeper social problem; ie. the raising of little emperors who can’t tell right from wrong! The one-child policy means parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties all treat their kids like little emperors; shower them with nothing but the best, give in to all their demands no matter how ridiculous they may be, afraid to punish them for their wrongs, or perhaps love them too much to want to punish them. When these little emperors grow up, they behave like big emperors and expect everyone to fall at their feet; they think they can’t be wrong; they think the world owes them a living! When they were little, their parents would allow them to urinate and defecate whereever they like; when they grow up they do the same. That’s why you often see adults behaving badly in public; it is their upbringing; or perhaps they were born with a missing gene, that of good behavior? The way the Chinese parents raise their kids leaves much to be desired. Give you a shocking example. A mother and her daughter of perhaps five sat in front of me in the bus; mother gave daughter a packet drink; daughter finished it and handed the empty pack to mother; instead of taking it from her, she pulled open the bus window and told daughter to throw it out; daughter obediently did so. Disgusting! This is how they raise their kids; no wonder when the kids grow up they spit and litter all over the place, ‘cos mother told them it’s Ok to do so!

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