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Chinese Subways Smell Like Ass

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 31, 2010

China has great subways, maybe that is the problem because lately they are jam packed with people. This is good, good for China and good for commerce as people can get around. The problem is that China has been experiencing a lot of heat lately, and heat means sweating, and sweating means funk, and a lot of people sweating means a lot of funk.
So couple the fact that China has so many people with the fact that they have tons of migrant workers who are not provided the same sanitary conditions as we enjoy, many of them can only use showers on a weakly basis, and you get a rank subway environment. Lately the subways have been jam packed with tons ofsweaty people and the subways are also not running much a/c, so by the time you get off the subway, you are drenched with sweat, and your nostrils are filled with the scent of human funk….

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