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Chinese School Tells Girls to Leave and Get a Hair Cut!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 1, 2010

Chinese are bizarre, especially the ones from 40-60. To me, they seem to be deficient in many ways, ie logic, empathy etc. This may be due to how they grew up, but my friend James says that its DNA. Here is a story where teachers at a school in China, force students to cut their hair. This may seem odd to a westerner, as the people told to do this were women. I know that we too in the west have standards for haircuts etc, but to me, Chinese punishment is so discretionary that it is very odd.

From weirdasiannews.com

“Girl students with hairstyles that headteachers believed were too long, were expelled from class at a middle school in Guangzhou.

These students had to go and have their hair cut during school time in order to get back to class. A female student told the paper she was having breakfast when the teacher in charge of her grade saw her and said, “Is there fireworks on your head? It’s so ugly!”

In total, more than a hundred girls were told to leave school and shorten their hair that day. “I hate hearing headteachers say short hair looks active and is good for studies,” a girl said. In her point of view, a simple pigtail wouldn’t take a long time to do up.

Some students doubted why their teachers kept long and wavy hair since they employed such strict rules on students. A teacher at the headmaster’s office told the paper on the phone that “every school has its own regulations.”

Authorities at local education bureau said they had no specific rule on length of students’ hair, and “the ‘Daily Behavior Norms for Middle School Students’ is there for them to follow.”

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